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Romeo and Juliet - Romeo's Diary

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´╗┐Entry #1 Dear Diary, I am Romeo Montague of Verona. My family has been in a feud with the Capulet family for years. I have found a girl. I am obssessed with this girl. Her name is Rosaline. She is pretty, nice, and funny. No matter how hard I try I can't stop thinking about her. My good friend Benvolio has tried to help by saying things like "Alas, that love, whose, so tyrannous and rough in proof". (Pg 23) I then simply reply " This love feel I, that feel o love in this." (pg. 23) What should I do? I love someone who does not love me. I am sure I am not the only person tonight who feels this way but that does not make it easier. I believe a good night's sleep is in order. Entry #2 Dear Diary, The boys have invited me to go out to a party and I think this may be just what I need. Perhaps I will be able to get my mind off Rosaline. "Tun, man, one fire burns out another's burning" (Pg. 33) That is why I will be going to the party to get rid of the thought of Rosaline. ...read more.


Later it is family supper. Everyone from the Montague family will be there. It will have games, entertainment and so much more. Now back to Juliet, " lady, by yonder, blessed moon I swear" (Pg. 33) I have been thinking about her night and day since the Capulet party. I need to tell someone about this, but who? Benvolio? No- he will tell my father. I honestly do not kno who to tell. Hmmm, I wonder who Juliet will send for me? Well I am off to see Benvolio and Mercutio. Good Bye. Entry #5 Dear Diary, Earlier today I was saying I wonder who Juliet sent for me. It was the Nurse . She came to help make arrangments for us to secretly marry. When she called for me Mercutio started to taunt me. He took it too far this time, he said to the Nurse " Good pe1tter, to hide her face; for her fan's the fairer of the two" (Pg.115) I found it funny at first but Mercutio was being a jerk. I then found out the Nurse could handle it herslf quite well - she simply replied " Out upon you! What a man are you!" ...read more.


She is my only love... I must. "My dreams presage some joyful news at hand" (pg. 261) I am writing as I go to the tomb. I will not write another entry until death. I must see Juliet. As I enter the tomb I see my Juliet's lifeless body. Beside Juliet is Tybalt. Entry #8 Dear Diary, From my grave I look back on everthing that has happened and the mistakes that I have made. I have drank the posion to be with Juliet. I killed Paris and I caused Juliet to kill herself. In this new reality though, Juliet and I are together. There are no problems, no parents, no fighting, no running around and hiding. It was a mistake that I drank the poison. Juliet woke up as I layed there. She layed with me as I died. The fight between Paris and I didn't last long. It ended with me stabbing him in the heart. One quick stab, and he was dead in seconds. It was horrible when Juliet woke up as I died. I knew I had made the biggest mistake ever. I realize that now that I look back on my life it was great. Benvolio, Mercutio, Juliet, all my family. It was amazing. I have sacrificed everything for my love. Juliet too has sacrificed her life for our love. We are now together forever, in death. ...read more.

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