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Romeo and Juliet - Romeos' diary.

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Sunday 19th July 1598 Dear Journal, O brawling love! O loving hate! O anything, of nothing first create! O heavy lightness! Serious vanity! Misshapen chaos of well seeming forms! Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health! Still waking sleep, that is not what it is! This love feel I, that feel no love in this. Whilst I was walking in Verona Gardens, thinking of Rosaline, I met Benvolio. Once again, there was a brawl in the market square. Benvolio tried to break it up but was challenged to a fight by Tybalt from the House of Capulet. I am so sick of this fighting. Why can't everyone be at peace? Why can't my mind be at peace? Oh how I love Rosaline! She is so rich in beauty, so fair and wise. But why does she not notice me? She will not give up her chastity for anyone or anything. ...read more.


Afterwards I went to see Mercutio and Benvolio and the rest of the lads. Then a lady, who I think is Juliet's Nurse, came and I told her to tell Juliet to be at Friar Lawrence's cell where she shall be wed. So now I am waiting to go to the church. The gorgeous Juliet shall be my wife and I her devoted husband! I love you Juliet. I am fortune's fool! Good Mercutio is dead but I have killed Tybalt. Oh God, my lady. I am banished! Banished! I would rather be dead than be so far away from Juliet. I cannot explain my actions, Tybalt killed my best friend and out of anger I just thrust him with my sword. I did not mean to hurt my Lady Juliet. All I can hear now is Mercutio's last words still ringing in my ears; A plague on both your houses! ...read more.


Hopefully I won't have to stay here long. I trust Friar Lawrence will do everything he can to keep Juliet and myself together. I love you Juliet. Thursday 23rd July 1598 Dear Journal, I keep having such joyous dreams! They seem to forecast some great news. If dreams of Juliet are so delightful, I cannot begin to imagine how much more wonderful it will be to actually be with her. I dreamt that she came and found me dead and breathed such life with kisses into my lips that I revived and was an emperor! I cannot wait to see Juliet again. Wait here comes Balthasar... I defy you stars! Oh god my beautiful lady Juliet is dead. I will lay with you tonight my love. I do remember seeing an apothecary nearby. I will pay him all I can for a dram of poison so I can again be with my wife Juliet, even if it is in death. I will ride to Verona where in the Capulet's tomb; I shall look upon Juliet's fair face and, with the help of this poison, die. Hollie Taylor 10E ...read more.

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