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Romeo and Juliet - Stage Directions

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Romeo and Juliet Jessica Marsden Shakespeare included very few stage directions within his illustrious plays. With this in mind, carefully explain how you would present on stage either a key scene or some of the key moments in the play. Remember to look closely at the text when making your decisions about the setting, props, characterisation, the pace of movement and action and how to convey thoughts and feelings. In this short essay I am going to explain how I would present a key scene from Romeo and Juliet. From this Shakespeare classic I have decided to study Act 3 Scene 5. I have decided to study this scene because I feel I have a deeper understanding of this scene than other scenes also because it is my favourite scene in the play. I am now going to give a brief explanation of what happens in Act 3 Scene 5. It begins with Romeo and Juliet in bed together the morning after their wedding night. When the nurse warns that couple Lady Capulet is coming, Romeo climbs out of the window and runs. ...read more.


Juliet should have her face down on the pillow and be trying to avoid all eye contact with her mother. When Lady Capulet says: "Why how now, Juliet?" Juliet should glance up at her mother with a sad face. Juliet should then slowly raise herself up and begin to wipe the tears from her face. When Lady Capulet notices Juliet is very upset she should hug her daughter and act very sympathetic towards her. Lady Capulet assumes that Juliet is upset about Tybalt's, Juliet's cousin, death. Juliet will embrace her mother as if her mother knew about Romeo. The real reason why Juliet is upset. When Lady Capulet says: "But now I'll tell thee joyful tidings, girl" She should begin to get off Juliet's bed and stand up. As she says this the tone of her voice should change to a happier, more upbeat tone. As Lady Capulet builds up to telling Juliet of the marriage, Juliet should be looking up at her mother intrigued as to what the happy news could be. When Lady Capulet finally announces: "Marry, my child, early next Thursday morn. ...read more.


She does this because otherwise she could lose her job. When Capulet gives Juliet an ultimatum and says his final words of the scene he should give a long hard look at Juliet before he walks off. As he walks off there should be the noise of slamming doors and stamping on stage to show Capulets bad mood. I think at this point Juliet should look up at her mother for advice but when her mum denies her it Juliet turns to the nurse. With the nurse knowing everything she advises Juliet to marry the County Paris. I think deep down the nurse realises it was wrong of Juliet to marry Romeo so suddenly and secretly but is trying to support Juliet as much as she can. By the end of the scene Juliet feels increasingly trapped not only by her parents' threats but also by her religion. At the end of the scene when Juliet says her last words: "If all else fail, myself have power to die" She should be looking deep into the audience and then just run off the stage. At this point the nurse should gaze around the stage confused and then she too, walk off the stage. - - ...read more.

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