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Romeo and Juliet synopsis

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Shakespeare: 'Romeo and Juliet' The play which Shakespeare wrote was a romantic tragedy called 'Romeo and Juliet'. This play was written in the early 17th century. The plot of this play is two families in Verona. The Capulet's and Montague's which have been fighting for many years. At the Capulet's party Romeo Montague sees Juliet Capulet and they fall in love. It's not long after were Romeos and Juliet's love is doomed as neither family will accept their marriage. Friar Lawrence tries to put things right but his plans are doomed to failure and the couple commit suicide each believing the other is dead. After so many deaths do the families realise they are to blame. In Elizabethan times arranged marriages was a common thing. Women of the age thirteenth or fourteen were married of to a much older man. Juliet was thirteen when lord Capulet thought of marrying her to Paris, a much older man. The reason of this is because they would want a babe boy. To continue the heir of the family. Juliet agreed to marry Paris until she meet Romeo and fell in love with him. She then disobeyed her father and refused to marry Paris. As she was in love with Romeo. Disobeying her father she knows she has to suffer the consequence. ...read more.


'Talk not to me, for I'll not speak a word.' We see the irony of her words as Juliet's death occurs very soon after. They also reveal her cold, callous side as she is unwilling to support her daughter. Juliet is the only surviving child of Lord and Lady Capulet. Juliet was thirteen years old, which was consider old enough for her to get married in Elizabethan society. She is not a typical submissive daughter. She agrees to consider Paris as her husband but then falls in love with Romeo. Juliet is very fond of the Nurse and shares her secrets with her. Juliet was raised by the Nurse ever since she was born. This shows that there is a strong bond between the two like mother and daughter. She share all her secrets with the Nurse particularly those about Romeo. The Nurse is like a mother to Juliet. "I faith I am sorry that thou art not well. Sweet, sweet, Nurse, tell me what says my love?" Juliet is very quick to betray her family honour when she discovers Romeos identity. Juliet knows that her families would never agree to their marriage as Romeo is the son of her father's enemy. "My only love sprung form my only hate! Too early seen unknown, and know too late. ...read more.


He is the man agitator of the young men. Romeo went to the Capulets party uninvited but not causing any problems. Tybalt sees Romeos presents and sees it as an insult on the family turning up uninviting. Here Tybalt is being belittled and treated as a child by his uncle. 'It fits when such a villain is a guest; I'll not endure him.' This causes Tybalt to desire revenge upon Romeo which he performs later on in the play which results in his own death. This event has transformed Tybalt's hatred into more personal hatred towards Romeo rather than just hatred for the whole Montague family. Tybalt's use of language makes his character appear determined and adamant. He is an argumentative young man which you can see in the way he speaks to his uncle about what he wishes to do. He looks out for trouble and loves fighting which is why he desires to fight Romeo. I think Shakespeare has explored the theme of family values. He has shown how the families get along. The males are head of the household and accepted total respect and obedience. What they said was expected to be done. If not they had to suffer the consequences. The 21st century audience can learn that families shouldn't fight they are many other ways to settle a problem. Your family is they closes thing that you will have throughout your life, and they people you can trust. Word count: 1775 Hardashan Sangha ...read more.

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