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Romeo and Juliet , Tension Is Built In Act 5 Scene 3

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With Close Reference To Shakespears Use Of Language And Dramatic Devices, Discuss How Tension Is Built In Act 5 Scene 3 Of "Romeo And Juliet" Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare in the sixteenth centaury. Its one of his most famous plays and it is still show in theaters today. Being in the sixteenth centaury Shakespeare writes about how it was hard for Romeo and Juliet to have a relationship because there families had very different views on marriage and would not have approved. This scene shows that because of these views there lives end. Paris and his page arrive at Juliet's tomb but are obviously scared by the environment as his page says "I am almost afraid to stand here alone." It also gives the impression that the graveyard is a very terrible and disturbing place to be in, even for a grown man, so this builds tension. Paris is obviously trying to act as if it doesn't affect him and he strides into the tomb lone with his page trailing after him. He notices what a terrible place it is also when he goes inside "O whoe, thy canopy is dust and stones" saying ...read more.


We see Romeo standing alone, looking at Juliet. The audience feels sympathy towards Romeo as they see how he has now lost everything and is becoming even more depressed. He talks to Juliet while she is sleeping, But Romeo thinking she is dead says "Death that hath sucked the honey of thy breath. Hath no power yet upon thy beauty. Thou am not conquered; beauties ensign yet. Is crimson in thy lips and in thy cheeks and deaths pale flag is not advanced there" Romeo is saying that even though Juliet is dead she is still beautiful and not even death can take that away from her. This is a great example of dramatic irony as the audience know that Juliet is only asleep and that she is still alive. Romeo feels he has nothing left to live for and takes out his poison and swallows it. "Thy drugs are quick, thus with a kiss i die." This has a massive effect on the audience of shock and tension because we know that if he just waited a little longer he would have been reunited with Juliet. ...read more.


if the families don't believe his story he could be blamed for that nights events so this creates high tension while the audience await the reaction of the families. The two families believe him though so tension is lifted. Juliet's parents are devastated "Oh heavens! O wife look how our daughter bleeds" they cry out. They are shocked of the news of their daughter's death. Then Montague's arrive. "Grief of my son's exile hath stopped her breath." saying that the shock of his son's sudden death has now also killed his wife. This is devastating end to the scene. The two families, from then on, work around their differences and reconcile. This scene shows allot of tension and also allot o dramatic irony. Such as how, the two families has feuded all there lives and it takes the death of the children to make them see they should put aside there differences after all the damage they had already caused. Almost through the entire scene the is allot of tension as we see how everything that happens is actually down timing. Shakespeare has written this scene very well as it draws in allot of people because of there things. ...read more.

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