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Romeo and Juliet - "The death of Mercutio is the turning point in the play". How would you direct Act 3 Scene 1 to reflect this statement?

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Romeo and Juliet coursework Question "The death of Mercutio is the turning point in the play". How would you direct Act 3 Scene 1 to reflect this statement? Answer To direct this scene I would first of all look at the character of Mercutio. He is a character who likes to crack jokes in any situation. Sometimes he goes too far with his jokes which tease the other characters and especially Tybalt in this scene. He is also a character who does not like Tybalt and has no fear of him "by my heel. I care not" as Shakespeare shows in the play here Mercutio ignores the danger of Tybalt coming. He also is a character has a lot of platonic love towards Romeo and wants him to succeed and he also has a lot of believe in Romeo as well "but I'll be hanged ,sir,....go before to field....sense may call him 'man'" as Shakespeare shows here Mercutio expects Romeo to win the dual with Tybalt. Mercutio is also a person who speaks with a lot of sexual innuendo which teases other characters "look to hear nothing....here's my fiddlestick" as he refers here as 'fiddlestick' as his penis. ...read more.


On the background I'll have no music to build tension and make the audience aware that danger is coming. Tybalt comes into the scene at this point looking for Romeo "follow me close...........Gentleman good den a word with one of you" Tybalt start off politely, the historical context behind this is before every dual in the time the play was made you had to be polite, and in a dual you weren't not suppose to kill the other person in the dual. I would make Tybalt say these lines in a calm way so it is not obvious that he is looking for Romeo for a dual and also to keep a good face in society. Mercutio make a joke out of what Tybalt has said "......couple it with something; make it a word and a blow" I would make Mercutio say this in a teasing way and make him laugh at Tybalt as if he is trying to provoke him. Tybalt would be keeping restraint because he does not want to get in a dual with Mercutio but he wants to fight Romeo but he also threatens Mercutio "You shall find me...sir, an you will give me an occasion" The I would make Tybalt say these line would be him saying this in a calm way but also showing a angry face. ...read more.


"Tybalt, you rat-catcher, will you walk" This shows that he has a lot of Platonic love towards Romeo. This bit also refects the theme of love throughout the play. A true hearted love that Romeo has with Juliet and the platonic (friendly) you would have with a close friend and family. I would make the character playing Mercutio say this looking at Romeo that he is not happy that Romeo has broken the faith that he had in him and pointing his sword at Tybalt if he is provoking him to a fight. Tybalt replies to acceptance to Mercutio invitation to a fight. The situation has now become more sinister, the tension has escalated. Tybalt asks to start the fight "I am for you". While the two characters are fighting I will have drum beats on the background and when Mercutio gets stabbed below Romeo arms I will have a sudden stop in music. Then I will have the character playing Mercutio say his lines "I am hurt, A plague o 'both you house! And he repeating these lines to emphasise the point that he is blaming Romeo for his death At this point in the play there is no comedy from this point there is all tragedy. So I will use beats to emphasise that the mood of the play. Billal Arshad 10OB ...read more.

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