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Romeo and Juliet - The feud, bad luck or Romeo's own character - which do you think is responsible for the tragedy?

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Literature Essay: Romeo and Juliet The feud, bad luck or Romeo's own character - which do you think is responsible for the tragedy? I think that all three aspects contribute the tragedy, but some aspects contribute more than others do, as I will explain: Romeo's Character I think that Romeo is rash and reckless. He cannot control his emotions; he is at the mercy of his emotions. When Mercutio is killed is killed, Romeo justifies this by saying: "Away to heaven respective lenity' And fire-eyed fury be my conduct now" But I also think that Romeo is quite a caring person where he says: "Either thou or I, or both, must go with him" He means that either Tybalt or him, or both, must accompany Mercutio in his death. He may be saying this in his fury, but he may be saying it out of love and care for Mercutio, meaning that he will not let Mercutio die alone. After Romeo had killed Tybalt and set in motion the train of events that led to the tragedy, Romeo exclaimed: "O I am fortunes fool" indicating that he was the helpless plaything of cruel fate. Romeo can be heroic sometimes, but we see a hysterically un-heroic man weeping on the floor of the Friar's cell. The Friar says: "Unseemly woman in a seeming man..." ...read more.


I think that ill luck also contributes to this tragedy. The play begins with a description of Romeo and Juliet as fated to die: "A greater power than we can contradict Hath thwarted our intents" Every move towards each other is matched by a cruel counter-thrust. In the beginning, I think it was bad luck that there was a feud in the first place. Also, it was a coincidence that Capulet should send out the invitations to the feast using a messenger who cannot read. Another coincidence was that the messenger should meet Romeo and then ask him to read the list for him. Similarly to this, it was also coincidence that at a crowded party, where there are so many attractive young women, Romeo catches sight of Juliet. It is also due to fate that the plague happened, which then caused the fatal delay of Friar John. Also, the untimely arrival of Friar Lawrence at the tomb was due to bad luck. If Friar Lawrence had stayed at the tomb with Juliet, her death could have been avoided, but he didn't. Also, when Mercutio and Tybalt were fighting it was chance that Romeo passed by. Fate is mentioned in some way or other many times throughout the play: "... ...read more.


The play backs this up, it shows that the previously mentioned things were true. It was customary for young lords to go to Italy as part of their education, in order to improve their court manners and to visit the home of the ancient Romans. But there was growing doubt to whether this was a suitable way for a young man to spend his time. It was thought that the art of atheism, the art of epicurizing, the art of whorring and the art of sodomitry came from Italy. Italian books were sometimes translated into English. Shakespeare got several ideas from Italian sources. The English view of the Italians may have owed something to these romances, which were full of intrigue, disguise, murder and passion, (the usual ingredients of popular literature). The play contains all of these things. Many people thought Italian literature was corrupt and that it would subvert true religion and morals and undermine the English way of life. The Italians were thought of as hot-tempered Latins, always looking for a fight. They had developed the art of duelling - in the play (Romeo and Juliet); Mercutio makes fun of fashionable fighting and duelling styles. They were a by-word for feuding, for taking sides and for bearing grudges. This is all perfectly shown by the Montagues and Capulets in the play. By Kamaldeep S. Lally 4D ...read more.

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