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romeo and juliet the impact of characters, language, theme, and structure on the audience

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In the play 'Romeo and Juliet' what is the impact of the language, structure, themes and characters on the audience? I will be talking about 'What is the impact of the language, structure, themes, and characters on the audience and my self in the play 'Romeo and Juliet'. Romeo and Juliet is an interesting play. I think it consists of good suspense, also enjoyable and a very emotive play. It consists of a few themes e.g. fate, freewill, love, hate, peace and violence which make the play grabbed by and even more interesting. The use of language is well presented keeping the audience attached to the play by using e.g. oxymorons. The characters description and speeches also make you sympathize, sorrowful and pity on them i.e. Romeo and Juliet. This play was written about 400 years ago in the 16th century by the great William Shakespeare. Although its original source material was from Italy, where William Shakespeare got the base outline from, then he made alternatives and changed few bits until he presented it in the name of 'Romeo and Juliet. It was made because William Shakespeare was impressed by the story and decided it would make a lovely, touching, and sensational play this is clearly shown by the audience clearly admiring this play. I also think it's a very dramatic play. The reason it is still relevant today is because it's an engaging and very appealing play to many. Also the relevancy today is because some issues are still being dealt with today in the societies, some societies in the Middle East and across the globe still do not believe in the term of 'Love Marriage', so some problems of the 16th century are still occurring. ...read more.


This means they never got much of a chance for free will, and fate lead there way. Light and dark is often come up in the play together with day and night; this is normally known as an oxymoron. Things like Shining light things such as jewels, stars and fires, and dark, unclear things such as clouds and smoke. The difference between light and dark are often tied in with difference between life and death, such as Romeo saying he sees Juliet's beauty lighting up the dark tomb ("her beauty makes this vault a feasting presence full of light"). There are also points where day is contrasted with night, and night is seen more positively than day, such Juliet in act 3, scene 2, saying "all the world will be in love with the night, and pay no worship to the garish sun". Shakespeare uses his language very cleverly, also makes the audience sometimes think what he is saying. There are many oxymoron's (two opposite words brought together to have a striking effect) in 'Romeo and Juliet'. These are especially used in act 3, scene 2, to express Juliet's confusion and mood swings after hearing that her husband of only three hours has killed her cousin. She calls Romeo a "damned saint" and "an honourable villain", which shows how torn she is between her love and loyalty to her family and that to her husband. In the language of the play there are also contrasts between life and death (Romeo: "I must be gone and live, or stay and die" act 3, scene 5). ...read more.


She also chose Romeo before her family which was one of the most unexpected things. Romeo has more or less been the same throughout the play, hasty, unsure and against grudges, although he becomes sure of what to do nearer to the end, when he decides to marry or even kill himself. The only dramatic change I seen in Romeo was that he loved Juliet immensely and didn't slip off her like he did with Rosaline. So the impact of characters Romeo and Juliet changed over the course of the play. Overall I think that Romeo and Juliet is an interesting and worth watching play. It's even appealing to today's society. If Romeo and Juliet never had so many themes it may not have been so successful. Romeo and Juliet as characters, not being able to live happily ever after, leave the audiences in thoughts and automatically empathising on Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet' breaks the mould, as the lovers do not end up happily together, which is what makes it so powerful. I also think that it is the contrasts, between love and hate, peace and violence and difference in character that makes it such an enduring play. This difficulty of uniting for Romeo and Juliet has seriously made the audience empathise with them which for the story is admired and enjoyed even 400 years after it was written. This has also shown us the real love, and arose questions within ourselves e.g. "would you die for someone you loved?" Consisting of all this I don't blame the audience for appreciating the play Romeo and Juliet even today, and William Shakespeare has made a great impact on the audience through the language, structure, themes and characters. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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