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Romeo and Juliet - The impotance of act 1 sceen 5.

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One of the most important parts of Romeo and Juliet is act one scene five. This part of the play is very exiting, interesting and creates a lot of tension. Romeo meets Juliet for the first time and Tybolt scares the audience by threatening to do something to Romeo. When Romeo sees Juliet for the he realises that he had never loved Rosaline and he had misjudged what love was like, because before he saw Juliet, he thought that love was not a nice emotion to feel. He was depressed when he 'loved' Rosaline, because he desperately wanted something he couldn't have. He also realised that the thought of Rosaline and him together was just like a crush and could never happen. ...read more.


This innocent view of Romeo is altered somewhat throughout the rest of the play. In this scene Romeo's view of love is changed as at the beginning of play, Shakespeare includes words such as 'grief', 'fire' and 'tears' in Romeo's speeches about love. The audience's reactions to these words are that they think Romeo thinks love is mad and a cruel thing. In this scene however, the audience's reactions change due to Romeo's sighting of Juliet. Romeo begins to use languages such as 'bright', 'blessed' and 'rich' which shows that when he falls in love, he views love in a different way. When the lovers first fall in love, it is the exact same time as Tybalt notices Romeo. ...read more.


He talks about 'my guests' and he asks 'am I the master here, or you?' which shows how he thinks that he is the important one and that he owns everything and no one should disobey him. However, due to the gentle manner in which he addresses his guests, the audience thinks that Capulet is a typical host and wants everybody to enjoy themselves. An audience of today would view Lord Capulet in the same way as an audience then, as they could identify with the fact of keeping guests content and preventing chaos and arguments occurring. Similarly to Romeo and Tybalt, Capulet sticks to the same way of speaking which shows that their personality does not change. This would worry the audience as they have seen in this scene how hurtful and angry Capulet can get, and so would be cautious of him as his temperament could change further along in the play. ...read more.

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