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Romeo and Juliet- The Nurse

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Charlotte Ball 11/11/05 Romeo and Juliet- The Nurse It saddens me deeply to say these words about the tragic loss of Juliet. I am angry thinking that she passed away at such a young age and with so much ahead of her but her heart was only set on Romeo, she could not live without him, he was her first love. If only she had known that only wanted what was best for her. I thought Romeo was a passing fancy to Juliet and once he was banished Juliet could see him no more and Paris stood available to her; he's a Capulet. I thought I was doing the right thing in asking Juliet to marry him. I was doing the right thing; I did exactly what anybody would who cared for Juliet as much as I did. ...read more.


She was the one she kept secrets from. Juliet need not have hidden a thing from me and from what I recall Lady Capulet never had the slightest idea of what was going on. That woman ought to be ashamed of that hand that never rocked Juliet's cradle- if I had a daughter whom was truly mine I would never be the mother that was to prance around in expensive clothes, not giving my daughter any attention except when I was wanting to marry her with a suitable man for know reason more than to keep up our good name. I was constantly worrying about my innocent child but did not find it in my power to stop her from taking constant risks to be with the one whom she truly loved. I had always wanted what was to bring Juliet the most happiness but knew not what was to come. ...read more.


I understood Juliet but sometimes I feared she and Lady Capulet thought I was only interfering but normally they were always to tell me what was going on. Romeo, Lord and Lady Capulet but mainly I put Friar Laurence at fault. I know the man thought it as a favour to start so the young couple were to be joyous and happy without having to go their separate ways but eventually his whole idea that was meant to lead to a happy marriage led to the death of my Lady and her Lord. He cared for Romeo but he was so foolish to let these things come about. If only time could be rewound. I first off lost my own daughter Susan but then the hope to bring up a child arises and after fourteen years she takes her own life. There is nothing any of us have the power to do now but to carry on as usual. I do not know what will come of me now I am no longer needed. ...read more.

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