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Romeo and Juliet Vs Baz Luhrman

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English Coursework Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet Outline the difference between the traditional medieval play and the contemporary film version of Romeo and Juliet. Comment on the effect on the audience, the effect on the nature of the story. Which version do you prefer and why. Give examples from the play quoting lines and explaining scenes and quoting where appropriate. In this essay I am going to differentiate between the modern and the original version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The contemporary version is a film which was directed by Baz Luhrmann. I will be considering the scenery and the setting, the characters and the use of props and special effects. I will also justify my reason for may preferences at the end. The main differences between the traditional and the medieval play is the years of time, between the two plays. But both versions use the original script from William Shakespeare. They both were produced to entertain people. But times have changed and people want to see more action and lots of special effects And this is the modern film version of Romeo and Juliet from Baz Luhrmann. In the medieval the prologue was used to give the spectators a summary of the whole story. Today no one wants to know the end of a film or a story, which is why Luhrmann choose a prologue, as normal News on TV. He also chose New Verona in America and not the original Verona, in Italy, as in the medieval play. ...read more.


You can imagine the small war between the households, because the skyscrapers are directly facing each others. That looks very aggressive. The red sign from the Capulet's can represents the fire and when the blue sign in top of the Montague's building represents water, than when these two elements meet than nothing remains. There could be peace between the households. The statue of Jesus between the buildings, which stands in a middle of a long, straight highway, can be the safe, the middle and the right way. But both families are equally far away. The statue can represent the one judge. It gives the movie a religious touch, and the director chooses this to give a hint to Shakespeare's religious time when the church had a lot of power. Now we come to a very important element of the modern film. The element water has a special meaning in this film. Water represents the power which stops other forces as fire from destroying. Water can be clear and pure, but it is also a mystery. Every organism on this world needs water to survive. In the movie it symbolizes the purity of the love between Romeo and Juliet. Both are often seen connected to water, they met the first time by an aquarium and fall in love, and than they kiss in the pool. But when Tybalt dies the purity of this love gets destroyed. In the original play the only way how the spectators could imagine that the both households were the same power an that ...read more.


The scene plays at a early morning when the sun was coming out. That shows us that, he had been up early because he was depressed by the ideas in his mind. He is trying to clear his mind through a walk on the beach. Romeo and Juliet was 500 years ago, one of many plays in England. At that time Romeo and Juliet was nothing special. First later in time people realised the monumental work of William Shakespeare. The director Baz Luhrmann got interested and decided to film Romeo and Juliet; in a way every person could be able to understand Shakespeare's well chosen words. His idea was it to keep the original script but to add a modern film to the words. Baz Luhrmann made a film which can be understand by a modern audience. He placed the old play in a modern environment, an American world with cars and guns. That should help modern audience to recognise and to identify with the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet. I prefer the original play, because the original script by Romeo and Juliet leaves the reader lots of space for imaginations and the readers own images. I think that Luhrmann's film runes Shakespeare's script and doesn't leave any space for your own ideas and images. I don't like that Romeo and Juliet are forced into the modern environment, and that Baz Luhrmann edited the script and changed the characters. If the film wouldn't be related to Romeo and Juliet it would be a great movie. But like that it only spoils Shakespeare masterpiece. ?? ?? ?? ?? Coursework English Romeo and Juliet comparison 1 ...read more.

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