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Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare and is a tragedy considered to be very dramatic.

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Shakespeare GCSE Coursework Assignment Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare and is a tragedy considered to be very dramatic. It was written in 1595. This play is dramatic as it has two young people who fall in love and rush things very quickly which ends in tragedy. Between the two people's families there is a feud, which makes their love even more dangerous. Two people who are from two very similar families fall in love and decide to get married. But their love is forbidden as their families have a feud between them. No one knows of their marriage apart from the Friar (who is on Romeo's side) and the Nurse (who is on Juliet's side). The Friar and the Nurse help Romeo and Juliet get married and are supporting them all the way until after the marriage, Juliet's parents who do not know about the marriage give her hand in marriage to the County Paris. Juliet refuses to marry and begs her mother and father to stop the marriage but to no avail they refuse and her father Capulet gives Juliet an ultimatum "Get married or never look me in the face." Juliet then goes to her mother but Lady Capulet pushes her to one side so she looks to the Nurse for guidance but the Nurse backs down and stops supporting Juliet. The Nurse say's that she should marry the County Paris and tells Juliet to forget Romeo as he has been banished. ...read more.


The whole time the Nurse is knocking the audience would know who it is so I would be creating dramatic irony. Then when they do find out that it was the Nurse they would calm down but when she says that Lady Capulet is coming Romeo and Juliet would be hurrying up to get ready so that particular moment would be dramatic and intense as everybody would wonder whether they will get caught or not. In Act 3 Scene 5 after Romeo's departure, Juliet is upset and when Lady Capulet comes in she mistakes this for her weeping about Tybalt's death. To cheer her up Lady Capulet gives her news of her marriage to Paris. Juliet refuses and therefore makes Lady Capulet angry. This scene is dramatic, as you do not know whether Juliet will agree to the marriage or not and you do not know how Lady Capulet will react and you also do not know whether Juliet will tell Lady Capulet about her marriage to Romeo. Juliet's relationship with her mother does not seem like a very good or loving one. As when Lady Capulet leaves the room and sees Capulet she says "I would the fool were married to her grave..." so she is wishing that Juliet were dead. All this hatred because of Juliet's refusal to marry Paris is very disturbing and sad. As if Lady Capulet were any sort of mother she would try to find out why Juliet does not want to marry instead of forcing her. ...read more.


At the last moment the Nurse stops supporting Juliet, had she kept on supporting her maybe this love story would have turned out differently. When the Nurse tells Juliet to forget Romeo, I think that the audience would feel upset for Juliet, as she has no one else to turn to. I would try to point this out by having very sombre music in the background and on the stage there would be a spotlight on Juliet. When the Nurse leaves, Juliet says something that is very upsetting but the last line of her speech is very sad. Juliet's last line is "If all else fail, myself have the power to die." From this line you can tell how much Juliet loves Romeo. Shakespeare tries to show the audience that Juliet feels that she cannot live without him so she thinks about having the power to die. When Juliet say's that very last line I would have very dramatic yet sad music in the background. That line is also dramatic irony, as the audience know that in the end they will be together as Juliet wishes but they will also die together. When the Nurse stops supporting Juliet you can see that Shakespeare is emphasising that her parents and the Nurses rejection of Juliet changes her. Once the Nurse leaves you can see how the rejection changes Juliet, as she is actually thinking of killing herself. This play is very sad as many people say things that do end up coming true so you could say that they were having premonitions. ...read more.

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