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Romeo And Juliet - Why is Act I, Scene V dramatically effective?

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Why is Act I, Scene V dramatically effective? Act I, scene V is a scene that is most memorable and has huge significance to the play, "Romeo and Juliet." Shakespeare makes this scene dramatically effective by using a variety of dramatic techniques. A good piece of drama engages the audience from the beginning, making them feel all the emotions that the characters feel. This is the scene in which Romeo and Juliet first meet at a masked ball, in which Romeo only gains entry by disguising himself with a mask. It is love at first sight for the "star crossed lovers." However, soon after their parting, Romeo discovers Juliet is a Capulet and Juliet finds out to her utter horror Romeo is a Montague and therefore her enemy. The scene is tightly structured, with all the action taking place in or around the hall in the Capulet house. The scene holds much dramatic impact for the audience who know Romeo and Juliet's true situation before they know themselves. At the start of the scene, final preparations are being made for the masked ball to take place that evening. The servants are joking and speak in prose. "Cheerly, boys; be brisk a while, and the long liver take all." This shows that they are of lower status. After this Capulet enters, speaking in verse to his guests "Welcome, gentlemen! ...read more.


The beginning "If I profane my unworthiest hand" shows the seriousness of their feelings towards each other. Romeo suggests that he is unworthy of Juliet's beauty and that to kiss would be a small sin. "To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss." Romeo also compares a Holy Shrine to Juliet's hand. "Have not saint's lips; and holy palmers too?" Religious imagery is used here. It suggests the pilgrims going to Jerusalem, with the pilgrim worshiping underlying the true depth and purity of their love. Their love is confirmed in the final couplet "Saints do not move, through grant for prayers sake" (Romeo) "Then move not while my prayers effect I take."(Juliet.) This serious conclusion to the sonnet makes dramatic effect. The language of the sonnet is serious and at times almost formal considering that they are declaring their love. "Good pilgrim, you do no wrong your hand too much." This gives dignity to their love. The audience's perception of their love and their view on the characters would be shaped by this: it would promote a sympathetic view. The shared sonnet is a dramatic device in itself as the audience would recognise it as the beginning of their love, knowing what is to come in their relationship. Romeo and Juliet are ecstatically happy but this is short lived as the scene again shifts and by contrast the mood becomes one of despair as they discover they should be enemies, of course a critical and dramatic moment in the play. ...read more.


It has also inspired many books and films. That we, the audience know a lot of information before the key characters do makes us as an audience feel involved and at times frustrated. I say, that as one of if not the most important scene in the play, Act 1 scene 5 is very dramatically effective. It is so because Shakespeare, used Capulets speech to set a happy mood. Throughout the scene the switches in atmosphere and mood add dramatic effect. Shakespeare expresses Romeo's declaration of his love for Juliet to intensify the mood and add dramatic effect. Then Tybalt's angry speech was used to remind us of the hatred and conflict between Capulet and Montague also to use the key theme of hate. Finally Shakespeare adds the sonnet to add to the drama and passion and also to represent a key theme, love. The striking imagery used adds dramatic effect. The fact that Romeo shouldn't be in the Capulet house, and is only there because he has disguised himself with a mask makes us feel anxious for Romeo and therefore is successfully dramatically effective. Arguably the most memorable, famous and dramatic moments occur in this scene, such as the meeting of the pair, the love sonnet and the discovery that they are enemies. This scene sets the way perfectly for the rest of the play. I certainly found it entertaining and it made me want to read onto the rest of the great tale "Romeo and Juliet." ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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