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Romeo and Juliet: Write a speech for County Paris.

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´╗┐County Paris speech Hello everyone, my name is County Paris. On the off chance you didn?t know there has been a feud of immense proportion! There has been fighting everyday, servants and masters laying down their lives and for what? Nothing. There were only two things I wanted, Peace between the Montague?s and Capulet?s, and mainly to marry my beloved Juliet. Marrying Juliet meant the world to me, I tried to persuade Capulet to let me marry his daughter, I remember saying ?Younger than she are happy mothers made?, but he told me to wait, I was devastated, but my love for Juliet forced me to wait. ...read more.


Early Tuesday morning I went to see Friar Lawrence to talk about our wedding, a stoke of luck, Juliet just walked in, I said to Juliet that I love her, but yet she replied back, ?I love Him?, I wasn?t sure what to make of it, but of course now it is all clear. Then on the day of our wedding, I woke expecting to see my beautiful Juliet at the Shrine with me, but alas, I woke to Juliet?s death, I was distraught the love of my life, dead on our wedding day! ...read more.


Now I will say I think is to blame for this tragedy. I strongly believe that there is only one person to blame, his name is Romeo. Romeo?s impulsive urges caused all of this, he met and instantly tricked Juliet into loving him, she is only 14 he tricked her. He then made her marry him, betraying her father. He had clearly brainwashed her. I was at my beloved?s tomb, when out of nowhere the villain Romeo appears and slays me and for what, bringing flowers to Juliet?s grave? Therefore there is only one person to blame, Romeo. ...read more.

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