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Romeo and Juliete in Comparioson to Othello

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Romeo and Juliet and Othello Comparison William Shakespeare was a writer who seemed to show feeling in many of his plays. Whether the reader could tell or not in the two particular plays he showed many mixed feelings. Feelings of love, death, grief, impulsiveness, pain and deceit. In the book Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare shows an extensive amount of imagery. In the plays Othello and Romeo and Juliet there is light and dark imagery. In Romeo and Juliet there was a great deal of irony. In Othello there was a vast amount of dramatic irony. We knew some of the things that Romeo, Juliet, and Othello did not know. A tragedy is defined as a dramatic work that presents the downfall of a dignified character who is involved in historically or socially significant events. ...read more.


Romeo's tragic flaw is that he is in love with being in love. This is important because this flaw will lead to his destruction or his death. Othello's tragic flaw was that he was brainwashed with evidence. His tragic flaw leads to the deaths of his wife and the deaths of many of his close friends. The chosen theme for the plays was pain and deceit. The reoccurring themes were chosen because they were in both plays and they are easily found in the plays. In Romeo and Juliet there is not as much deceit as there is pain. In Romeo and Juliet there was a large amount of pain. It was when Romeo wept for being banished and the deceit in Romeo and Juliet was performed by Juliet. ...read more.


Juliet says "To hear him named, and cannot come to him, To wreak the love I bore my cousin. Upon his body that hath slaughtered him. When Juliet says this to Lady Capulet her mother thinks that she is speaking of Tybalt once again. When Juliet says "To hear him named, and cannot come to him" she is speaking of Romeo. In Othello there is a large amount of deceit even in the beginning of the play. Roderigo and Iago call to Barbantio to tell him that his daughter is with Othello. Iago told Brabantio that "An old black ram is tupping your white ewe." He was speaking of Othello and Desdemona. Also there is pain and deceit when Othello kills his wife Desdemona and there is guilt when he finds out that he was wrong for killing his wife. So with everything on his conscience he commits suicide. 583 ...read more.

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