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Romeo and julliet's love intro

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How Shakespeare presents the love between Romeo and Julliet? Shakespeare starts the play with a prologue, this told the audience the outline of the story, and that this play would be a love tragedy. The idea of the prologue is to tell the audience some background information on the characters, basically setting the scene. ...read more.


However in the prologue Shakespeare also says that there love that the share is doomed from the very beginning, and would always end sadly. 'There death marked love' This is strange because its like a big oxymoron he has used two complete opposites to describe one thing. ...read more.


When Romeo is introduced to the play he is presented as a lost unsure teenager. He is feeling sad and is still unsure on what love is really all about. 'Love is a fume of sighs' This tells us that Romeo has some bad experiences of love before in his life ...read more.

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