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Romeo and Julliet was written by William Shakespeare in 1595 it was set in Verona, Italy

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Romeo and Juliet Language Analysis Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare in 1595 it was set in Verona, Italy. The film I watched was the classic story of Romeo and Juliet, set in a modern-day city of Verona Beach. The Montague's and Capulets are two feuding families, whose children meet and fall in love. They have to hide their love from the world because they know that their parents will not allow them to be together. There are obstacles on the way, like Juliet's cousin, Tybalt, and Romeo's friend Mercutio, and many fights. But although it is set in modern times, it is still the same timeless story of the "star crossed lovers". My first impression of the language used was it was very hard to understand. ...read more.


Yes, Shakespeare used poetry in Romeo and Juliet, two examples of it being used are at the beginning of the play "Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean." and at the end of the play "For never was a story of more woe Than this of Juliet and her Romeo." The structure of the poetry used in Romeo and Juliet follows an a,b,a,b pattern. All of the characters talk in Shakespearean English but Mercutio talks in the form of riddles "If love be rough with you, be rough with love; Prick love for pricking, and you beat love down. ...read more.


I would have a small balcony with trellis in which Romeo would climb up and would have both keep eye contact with each other for all of the scene. I would find keeping the passion and the feeling of not being able to live without each other, I would overcome this with lingering kisses, holding hands and other signs of affection. In my performance I may use the prologue to foreshadow what is to come later in the performance. I also may use poetry so people will rethink the words that rhyme more than they would if it did not rhyme. I think the language will add to my performance as Shakespearean language is very passionate and creates a lot of tension. It will help our performance by adding tension and passion to it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sami Bell 11a ...read more.

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