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Romeo diary entry

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Romeo diary Dear diary, Im a married man !, our plan had come off !. I want to spend the rest of my life with my beloved Juliet. This great day began with good news to a question I asked friar Laurence. I asked for permission to have a wedding ceremony to make my love for Juliet official. There was agreement from both the friar and Juliet's nurse. We had a cunning plan that would buy us time to go through with the ceremony, Juliet's nurse was to lie in order for us to have what we wanted. The quiet ceremony went well, there was nothing that could interrupt or break up our love at the time. I felt over the moon as Juliet agreed to make me the happiest man on earth by saying the words "I do". But not all was in order, this news was not to the delight of Mercutio and Tybalt. ...read more.


She means everything to me, and I could not bare life without her. As she neared closer to me , I got more and more nervous. But to my relief she managed a smile as she grabbed hold of me and gave me a big kiss. Thank god !, were still together, and that's the main thing. We can put everything behind us and live like a happily wedded family and look to the future. Dear Diary, How how could i possibly describe this day ?. Such a bad start suddenly turned to be so emoctonfull, cheerfull and happy. Its unlikely that ill ever experience and live through such a day , such an unbelievable and eventfull day. The bad start was the news of the disturbing Mass brawl between us Montagues and our bloodthirsty rivalry family, the Capulets. The brawling was a fierce and wicked encounter of the big rivals. As i thought that wasn't bad enough !, everything turned from bad to worse as my heart was torn was torn apart, by my love, Rosaline. ...read more.


My love was still there for her, well at least for a few more hours. Those hours of heartbreak ended at the party, my love had been restored. There was a new love in my life. This love was Juliette, love at first sight as i mentioned . There was that moment when we dazed deep into one and other's eyes. Probably the biggest, best and most beautiful moment of my life to date. She ment everything to me, even before a word had been exchanged between each other . My love was back, and this time better than ever !. There really was no words that could describe the feelings running through my heart, this love is to be never-ending !. So what a day !, what a day !. The hours of the day were filled with years of excitement, heartbreak and mischief. What have I to expect tomorrow, surely not as much as today. My dreams will surely be full of the happiness to come between mine and Juliette's positive relationship, i just cant wait to meet her again, I really cant. ...read more.

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