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Romeo & Juliet

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Romeo & Juliet Briefing Sheet. Act 3, scene 5. Lines 68-241. Nearly Finished. This part of the play is very tense and emotional. It is crucial to the order of the play. It tells us a lot about the writer and the characters in the play. The actors should be sharp and alert. The acting should be quick and responsive, because if the mood of the play is not relayed properly it will look stupid. The intension of the director is to tell the audience of the nurse being two faced to Juliet by telling her Romeo is best for her one minute and then telling her that Paris is best for her the next. Also to show that the parents don't care what Juliet thinks of her future husband just as long as they approve of him. It is meant to portray the mother as being out of touch with her daughter and a bit clueless, also to signify the dramatic irony that is what Juliet is saying. ...read more.


Old Capulet You walk into the seen almost singing the first couple of lines you are so happy. You should dance a about the room like its your birthday to show that you are really exited about next weeks activities. The next lines "Soft! Take me with you, wife." These are almost said in disbelief but the more you talk the more aggressive you should sound and become. You should get louder and dominate the stage. Line 160 on "hang thee, young disobedient wretch!" you should physically grab Juliet and shake her. The nurse will try and get you off Juliet but just throw her off and have a go at the nurse instead, (still hold Juliet). When lady Capulet has a go at you let go of Juliet and cool down slightly but still say your lines firmly. Exit the stage with some sort of spiteful act. This will show you are leaving but this is not over. Maybe knock a vase off a shelf or something. ...read more.


When he leaves still feel sorry for yourself but cheer up slightly. When Lady Capulet leaves try and please the Nurse but don't give in. Sound understanding about what then nurse has to say but don't put your arm round her, or this will look as if you are best friends with the nurse again. Don't trust her because she is saying the better choice is Paris and before she said it was for Romeo. I could of cut out bits of this scene because it would get boring but if the acting is good enough it will be okay. The parts of the play where old Capulet starts getting angry go quickly that in a professional film I saw they cut out huge chunks out of this scene and if you listen to the lines carefully they don't make sense. Also actor's words were slurred. I don't know if this was the quality of the acting or if it was the actor was trying to show real anger. The actors for Juliet and Old Capulet have to be good because their part in this scene are the most vital. ...read more.

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