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Romeo & Juliet

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Chirag Patel 19 December 2003 Romeo & Juliet Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare, is known to be one of the most popular romantic stories ever written. It is an account of two young lovers, whose lives are fated for ruin. Romeo and Juliet did not imagine that their love would lead to the tragedies that it did. These two young "star crossed lovers" did nothing wrong except fall in love. Two aspects of their destruction included the feud between the two families and the most important aspect of all; fate. Fate is the power that is supposed to settle ahead of time and powers how things will happen. Romeo and Juliet lives were ruled by fate. Even though they thought they would be together forever, fate had different plans for both of them, and as we realise at the end of the play fate did not rule in their favour. Throughout the course of the play, Shakespeare creates sets that were made visible in the imagination of the reader, by applying techniques such as similes and metaphors, that all help to create a sounder image of the set. It helped me feel the anger of some of the characters such as Mercutio. Fate is what bought Romeo and Juliet together, at Capulet's ball. ...read more.


Juliet could not tell her parents of her marriage because Romeo was a Montague, which illustrates why the feud was only partly responsible for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet but not as much as fate, as it was fate that started the chain reaction, which caused the death of Tybalt. In my opinion if Juliet was never destined to meet and fall in love with Romeo, none of the tragedies that took place would have occurred. If Juliet never fell in love at first sight, she would have obeyed her fathers wish to marry Paris. When Juliet woke from her planned sleep and found Romeo dead beside her, she killed herself. It seemed that Romeo and Juliet's lives were controlled by fate up to the very end. Both of them made what turned out to be bad decisions and ultimately destroyed both of their lives. In the end, fate had its way. The feuding between the two families did not control timing the stars controlled timing. It was fate, which made Romeo believe that Juliet was dead by a few seconds, and it was fate, that made Juliet wake up from her sleep just as Romeo drank the poison. Just by a few seconds, if Romeo had been delayed by the event that bought him to Juliet's deathbed, he would have been able to see Juliet alive, and the story would not have been a tragedy but a comedy. ...read more.


I have found that Shakespeare himself knew that the fortune of people in those days was more powerful than the feud between the two families. Shakespeare displayed in his prologue that the two lovers were star crossed, and the feud would be ended by the death of Romeo and Juliet. When looking closely into the text, I have found that many characters believed in fate and fortune. People's thinking in the 1600's was very narrow minded and stubborn. Fate and feud, was strongly believed in and Shakespeare had purposely made Romeo and Juliet fall into the chain reaction of destiny, so that the play would end in such a big tragedy. I believe Shakespeare was sending a message out to the audience, so that when the curtains were drawn, and the play had ended, the audience would think about living life without being stubborn as the two families were. If the Montague's and Capulets had accepted the relationship, and ended the feud, the play would not have ended in such tragedy. Shakespeare was trying to display that no one could control the future, and everything was destined, it was best to accept situations as everything happened for a reason. Both families were stubborn and did not accept the situation; they only learned to accept each other, when they had been punished by the power of fate. ...read more.

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