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Romeo & Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Lord Capulet, the father of Juliet, organises a party so that Juliet can find the man of her dreams. The man Lord Capulet wants Juliet to meet is Paris. In the middle of the party some people from the Montague family appear. Montague are the Capulets arch enemies, and when Paris sees them in the party he goes to tell Lord Capulet. But he doesn't want any things to ruin the party so he tells Paris to just leave them be. Juliet is watching a dance, she sees the man she will marry, Romeo and they meet and arrange to marry without the consent of their parents who are enemies. Romeo is being looked for far and wide by everyone in the village as he had a fight with Juliet's cousin Tybalt, and killed him. ...read more.


The window is opened, and as Juliet opens it the day comes in and 'her life goes out.' Romeo leaves with a warning from Juliet's nurse telling them that Juliet's mother is on the way to her chamber. Shakespears use of language in this scene is imaginative. The way he uses the sound of the lark as a symbol of the morning and uses the sound of the nightingale for the night. He uses this as a nicer way for Juliet to say you must leave. The way the scene is structured is when the audience can see that Lady Capulet (Juliet's mum) is coming to that chamber when Romeo is still there. This is called dramatic irony, we as the audience can see but Juliet can't, so the tension builds up. ...read more.


It was another way of saying 'I'm going to hit you'. He has arranged a marriage for Juliet, to Paris, whom Juliet doesn't want to marry as she is already married to Romeo, so she can't marry Paris anyway. This use of language is different but you can understand it. My views on this are the same as Juliet's, if she falls in love with Romeo she should be allowed to be with him, and not marry someone she doesn't love or even no for that matter. For Juliet it doesn't end the way she or Romeo would have liked but at least they get to be together the way they wanted it and not to be kept apart by their parents, so it's not all bad. ?? ?? ?? ?? Camilla Green 1 ...read more.

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