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Romeo & Juliet, Act 3 Scene 2

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Sam Errington 11R Romeo + Juliet Coursework At the start of A3S5, Romeo is headed for Mantua as he and Juliet have spent the night together, after Romeo has been banished. Capulet agreed that Paris would marry Juliet and lady Capulet is on her way to talk to Juliet about it. Most of Shakespeare's audience would not have travelled to Italy, so he uses phrases such as 'pomegranate tree' and 'misty mountain tops' to give it a warm, exotic, Italian feeling. There are also images of gentle light, symbolising love, but they do not last long, just like their relationship. There are many contrasts in this section of the play, such as light and dark, life and death, and also the two families: Montague and Capulet, and how the play began with a feud between the families, but the members are now sleeping with each other. ...read more.


Deception is used when Juliet tricks the nurse, and possibly even the audience, into thinking that she will confess that she is married to Romeo, and so cannot marry Paris because it would be a sin. It is ironic because Juliet does not know the full meaning of what she is saying, such as when she is talking about Romeo, and says "as one dead in the bottom of a tomb", and later on how she imagines him dead from taking poison, both of which later come true in the story. The nurse is brave because when Capulet shouts at Juliet, the nurse stands up for her and fights against her master, which would have been very insulting to Capulet at that time. Suspense is built by the changing pace of their speech. It starts of slow, with longer words such as 'pomegranate' and 'nightingale', but as they realise that Romeo must leave, the pace speeds up, and monosyllabic words are used to give a sense of urgency. ...read more.


I would have a bed on one side of the stage to make it clear that they are in Juliet's bedroom, with the couple sitting together by the window. When Capulet enters, I would have him talk in a big booming voice to make him seem like the all powerful person, and he would point his finger at Juliet when he is shouting at her. I would also have a spotlight shining on Capulet as he speaks to Juliet, to show his power, and I would have Juliet run to the nurse and hold her hand when she is scared because of her father shouting at her the nurse should stand up straight and bold when she fights back at her master, so that she is made to appear bigger to show she is proud to be standing up against Capulet. I would have the door and window on opposite sides of the stage, so that it is more obvious where the characters are going to and coming from. ...read more.

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