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Romeo & Juliet Oral Essay

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Directing: For Act 1 Scene 5, at the Capulet dance, I would have first of all Capulet at the front of the stage to the left, facing the audience, with a happy expression and welcoming the guests that are coming in. They will be different crowds of people having quiet conversations. The music will be happy and upbeat Elizabethan music, as people dance around, Capulet is still on the left side of the stage and Romeo is seen on the opposite side to Capulet, as Capulet starts to circulate and move between crowds, the focus is set more on Romeo, as he talks to friends, and notices Juliet, the music turns a little quieter and more softer and romantic, this turns the attention to when Romeo see's Juliet for the first time, and Juliet notices Romeo. As they speak, the attention is still focused on them, until we notice Tybalt, who will make his way from in a crowd talking, to the front of the stage near where Romeo and Juliet are. I can show Tybalt is angry at the thought of a Montague at a Capulet party, by his gestures and expression, as I would have Tybalt moving quickly around the room, as the music turns back to happy and upbeat ...read more.


While Romeo comes on stage, he will of noticed the fight from offstage, therefore coming on quickly and swiftly, to try and break it up, and as Romeo try's to reason with Tybalt, Tybalt should step back from Romeo, not as though he is backing down, but as he is confused with what he is saying, as Tybalt is unaware of the marriage, and Romeo is acting as though they are now cousins. As Tybalt takes this sarcastically, he starts to argue, with Romeo still trying to calm things down. When Mercutio steps up, and swords are drawn, it is a very dramatic moment, Benvolio and Tybalts friends should be stood opposite on another a step back from Mercutio and Tybalt, while Romeo jumps in Mercutio is hit. This is very dramatic, and as Mercutio falls, Romeo looks up at Tybalt, who looks away at his friends. As Mercutio is moved away with Benvolio to the other side of the stage, Romeo follows soon after where it is confirmed that Mercutio is dead. Romeo will walk away as he is upset of his friends death, with a sad yet angry expression on his face. ...read more.


She uses metaphors and her words create images of insanity, as she used violent language, for example " as with a club, dash out my desp'rate brains? O look! Methinks I see my cousins ghost." This is dramatic for the audience as they see Juliet having doubts, and wonder if she will drink it. But then she does as she drinks to Romeo. Dramatic Devices: There are a lot of dramatic devices used to have an effect on the audience, and to twist the plot. As when Tybalt finds a Montague is at a Capulet party, this is dramatic as it lets the audience know Tybalts type of character and shows us that he will hold a grudge, as it sets the scene for later plot twists and dramatic moments. When Romeo discovers that Juliet is a Capulet - DRAMATIC - Juliet finds he is a Montague but they are in love. Romeo and Juliet have married at the end of act 2, very quiet subdued scene at marriage, Act 3 Scene 1 is about to change this calm. Scene: How is it a dramatic device/turning point? How tension is built up? Romeo is banned, kicked out of the city for the murder of Tybalt. If he returns, he will be killed. -Dramatic Moment. ...read more.

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