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Romeo & Juliet Stage Plan For Act 3 Scene 2.

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Romeo & Juliet Coursework Stage Plan For Act 3 Scene 2. Introduction We have been studying the play Romeo and Juliet as our Shakespeare Coursework. I decided to make a stage plan and how I think Act 3 Scene 2 would be acted out because I thought it would be a interesting thing to do. This is the scene where Juliet is wildly in love with Romeo and is laid on the bed in her chamber. Nurse then enters and breaks the news that Romeo just slain Tybalt. She then gets awfully confused. The scene ends with Nurse going to find Romeo. The Stage - Features I kept the features simple as I thought a bedroom from this time would be very simple but with all the top quality goods. Things like beautiful oak desks, fancy mirrors, a four-poster bed and lots of dolls of very high quality that I think she might have collected. (For the actual stage setting see plan sheet) Reference to Text Enter Juliet - She runs through the door and starts dancing around her room, because she is in love. Line 1-5 Pauses for 2 seconds and then looks in to the crowd. She then says lines 1-5 then jumps on to the bed. ...read more.


Line 91-129 Juliet's platform returns down to normal level and the red light's turn to blue she stands in front of nurse and says her lines. Nurse holds out her arms to comfort her but Juliet turns her back and goes over to the desk. Line 130-137 Juliet sits next to her desk where her dolls are and starts playing with them and grooming them while she is speaking. Line 138-141 Nurse opens the door and holds on to the doorknob and then leaves. Line 142-exeunt. Juliet turns around to tell nurse something but she has already gone so she rushes over to the door and shouts her lines down the corridor then goes to find her, then end of scene. Lighting The lighting used in the play is mostly bright white lights so you can see Juliet's expressions etc. I also used white lights to show Juliet's "purity". Line 1-32 I would use white lava lamps and red lava lamps to create a affect like the thoughts of Juliet are spinning around in the air. Line 71-80 I used the "hell" affect to show that Juliet is so young and everything what has just happened like something from hell, and she is confused and shocked. Line 81-exeunt. ...read more.


and "Shall I speak ill of my husband..." also to me show how rich language is used in an affective way, it describes the way she feels about Tybalt and Romeo, even though it is a negative couple of paragraphs it shows this in a very beautiful way, not beautiful as in the first paragraph which I spoke about but beautiful in the way of pain that Juliet feels. Words such as "fiend angelical" to me show a very beautiful picture and they are both contrasts maybe because Juliet is confused at this point? The language all in all is very poetic and shows Juliet in a different light to the young girl that she is. Social & Historical From the text we have been reading I get the image that things between families were not very good ie:the dislike between the Capulet's and the Benvolio's I could imagine this being very similar for many people. I would imagine fathers being very over protective of their daughters from the picture I get in the story. This is set a long time ago and it seems that the only way to solve anything is to fight and kill to get an answer, instead of talking about it. I can't imagine people being very friendly towards each other but, I imagine there is this "higher and lower class clich´┐Ż." ...read more.

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