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Romeo & Juliet - Who is responsible inMaking the play a tragedy.

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Ben Dearing 10GL Romeo & Juliet - Who is responsible in Making the play a tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" is a story of love that is wrecked by a feud between the two lovers' families. Romeo, a Montague is madly in love with Juliet, a Capulet. They are both young and fall madly in love. Juliet is in her early teens, around thirteen, and Romeo is in his late teens about nineteen. This story is definitely a tragedy. A tragedy is where something bad happens. In this play, the love between them is a tragedy as both of the main characters end up dead in each other's arms. In a way, their love is a "perfect love". From the minute they meet each other, they fall madly in love and end up dedicated and devoted to each other. But the audience knows that the love between the youngsters does not stand a chance as the family feud denies them the chance. The feud between the two families is an integral part in the story and is definitely a main factor in the outcome of this tragedy. The story revolves around the two families and more importantly the feud. The feud is between the Montagues and the Capulets. Both families are very rich and therefore that already creates a tension between the two families. We are not told too much about the family feud, although we do know that it is long standing. In the Prologue, the sentence: - "From ancient grudge break to new mutiny." We know that the feud has been going on a long time. This tells us that it is long standing and had cooled down but the words: - "Break to new mutiny." We know that the grudge as flared up again, although we are not told why. We know that the older members of the families are still feuding. ...read more.


She is a conspirator to the marriage. She agrees to act as a messenger for the marriage because she didn't want to see Juliet hurt and wanted her to be happy. The Nurse knows Juliet has fallen in love with Romeo, even though Romeo is a Montague, so she is more than happy to help. Her wish comes true as Juliet and Romeo tie the knot but her views on the marriage soon change. The fight between Romeo and Tybalt, where Tybalt is killed, changes her views. The Nurse turns against Romeo and asks Juliet: "Will you speak well of him who killed your cousin?" Here she is asking Juliet what she thinks of her "love," Romeo, after he had killed her cousin, Tybalt. The Nurse who played an integral part in the marriage has changed her views dramatically and is now against Romeo. She has realised what a bad thing the both of them had done. Then Old Capulet puts forward the idea of Juliet marrying Paris. He sees her crying all the time and thinks that she is sad over the death of Tybalt. But secretly she is crying over Romeo and his exile. The nurse warms to the idea and advises her to go along with the marriage. She says: - "I think it is best you married with the county." When the Nurse says this, she is talking out of fear. She is scared for herself and Juliet. She knows that if Old Capulet finds out about the marriage of his daughter Juliet, to a Montague, he would be disgusted and probably kick them both out. But Juliet feels let down by the nurse when she says this. She feels as if she has no one to talk to and she can't even talk to her mother. After Juliet tells the Nurse she won't be marrying Paris, Old Capulet comes in. ...read more.


The two of them were undoubtedly in love but we were given the impression that their love was never going to flourish. I think that fate was against the young couple from start to finish. We knew this from when we read the prologue because of the words "A pair of star - crossed lovers take their life." I also got the feeling that the play was going to end in catastrophe. Everything they did, was that of two young and immature people. They involved so many people in their love that you could see it never was going to be a 'happy ever after' story. I think that the Friar made a few mistakes in the play, which resulted in him feeling very guilty. It was not his character at fault, or his heart, but it was his judgement. He throughout the play made bad judgement and as a result of this, he played with the lives of the two lovers. The Nurse, I think, did try to protect herself at Juliet's expense. At the start, she enjoys playing the 'mothering' role to Juliet. She also enjoys the power of 'matchmaking' she plays when arranging the marriage of Romeo and Juliet. But she soon changes sides when Juliet has to face the wrath of Old Capulet. This showed us how weak she really is as a person, and as a friend to Juliet. The families' quarrel was a major factor in the love of Romeo and Juliet. The two of them were forbidden to date the most hated rivals. But the two of them were both immature and see each other as their only loves. This also adds to the downfall of the couple. At the end of the play we are left with the feeli9ng of sadness as the lovers' end up dead in each other's arms. We wonder if there is a purpose to all this unhappiness? We are on the side of the two lovers at the end of the play. They are seen as the victims as they both end up dead. 1 Ben Dearing ...read more.

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