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Romeo's Diary Entries - Romeo and Juliet.

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Romeo's Diary Entries Number 2 My world has become a place full of bitter hatred, my happiness replaced by sorrow and grief. I am now, of course married to Juliet and how radiant she looked on the morning of our wedding. Friar Lawrence had expressed his concerns towards 'violent delights that have violent ends', but I put my heart before my head and waited impatiently for her arrival. We exchanged our declarations of love at Friar Lawrence's cell, before being led away for the marriage to take place. Juliet did not like my style of speech and told me that 'true imagination is wealthier in real things that I words', her own true love had grown so great that she could not even count up half her wealth. My feelings for her have grown stronger and the days go by and I no longer know right from wrong. My heart was 'wounded' by Juliet's love and I could have not felt for content, but that feeling of joy has since been snatched away from me. ...read more.


I was so upset, my betrayal towards Mercutio had led to his death and if I had not intervened he would probably have survived. His death was my entire fault. Juliet's beauty had made me 'effeminate' and in my 'temper softened valour's steel.' Anger began building up inside of me and as Tybalt returned, in a sudden outburst I lunged at him and attacked him fiercely regardless of the consequences. I stood numbly looking at his rigid body now slowly coated in a pool of blood. I had killed him. I was raging and had behaved with 'fire-eyed fury.' Benvolio urged me to leave immediately and escape the presence of the Prince who would shortly arrive. I fled to Friar Lawrence's cell and waited for his arrival to receive my punishment. As he entered the cell he said that I was 'wedded to calamity', but I was too fearful to listen I begged him to tell me of the prince's sentence. He turned and calmly said that my punishment was banishment from Verona. ...read more.


On hearing from the nurse that Juliet was similarly 'grief stricken' I blamed myself and attempted to end my life there and then, the nurse snatched the dagger away from me and told me to 'stand an you be a man, for Juliet's sake.' She was right, I had to be strong now, if not for myself, then for Juliet. As the nurse left, she quickly returned and gave me Juliet's ring requesting that I spend one final night with her before my departure to Mantua. I must however be away from the Capulet's house before sunrise, or risk leaving the house in disguise so not to be caught. The Friar is to use my servant as a messenger and will keep me informed of the events occurring in Verna during my absence. He insists that he will beg pardon of the prince and explain my predicament to my family and friends. I wish Juliet and I could 'blazon' our marriage, but such circumstances have prevented this and though my eyes cannot see Juliet, her beauty will be present in my heart and mind for I shall see her soon and we will be together again. Vikki Holness 5/2/2007 Vikki Holness 5/2/2007 ...read more.

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