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Romeo's suicide note.

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My Lord, I am writing this letter to help you understand why I am about to commit this mortal sin of killing myself. It all started the night of Capulet's ball I was smitten with Rosaline and therefore Mercutio and I went. Once at the ball my heart was stolen by a girl by the name of Juliet, later on after we shared a moment I discovered that she, Juliet was the only daughter of Capulet. This was a blow to me as it meant I couldn't marry her. Later that night I snuck to the window of fair Juliet and we confessed our love to each other and vowed to be married. ...read more.


I told her about my luck with Friar Lawrence and she reported back to Juliet with the news that we were to be married that afternoon. We were married that afternoon under the guidance of Friar Lawrence. Who joined us in holy matrimony forever. Then after our marriage Tybalt initiated a fight because I attended his ball and slew Mercutio, I tried to stop as he is my cousin and I tried to make peace between us. But he did it and I felt that someone's soul would have to be killed to join Mercutio in heaven so I avenged Mercutio's death by slaying Tybalt. ...read more.


I an planning to go to the Capulet's tomb, take this deathly poison and go and lie with my love in her tomb. With all the Capulet's ancestors and now my ancestors .She was the only woman I have ever truly loved and my life isn't worth living without my Juliet. So I am writing you this letter before I go and lie with my one true love. I shall never love again and now I will join her in death. I hope that you understand why I am doing this and I hope that this letter and news will end the ongoing feud between you and my father in law to prevent anymore unneeded deaths resulting from this fight. Tell mother I love her and I suppose this is goodbye. Adieu Your son, Romeo Faye Cunliffe 4w Mr Maughan ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Romeo and Juliet section.

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