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Romeos Character in the play is diffrent to the one in the film. In both the play and the film Romeo has many of emotions, which is unusual for a young man.

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Romeo and Juliet In this essay I have focused on Romeo and Juliet. Romeos Character in the play is diffrent to the one in the film. In both the play and the film Romeo has many of emotions, which is unusual for a young man. Romeos emotions take control of him especially love. An example of when he says "O speak aging, bright angel, thou art as glorious to this night, being o'er my head, as is a winged messenger of heaven". In both the play and the film Romeo dreams of falling in love and love is everything to him; he thinks of love as if it were a religion to him. Romeo is a very unstable character from reading in the play I can tell that he is a very troubled young man. Romeo isolated himself from his family because he likes to be alone. Romeo is a very private and mysterious character. Romeo has a very weird and strange behaviour that can be extreme at times. This is known when he speaks to Benvolio about Rosaline, "Ay me, sad hours seem so long" Therefore Romeo puts the point across that he is hurting by the rejection of love and that he only really wants to be in love and to be happy. Baz Luhrmann has recreated the play with a modernized theme. The play is old and it tells us that it was set in the 1500's by having daggers and swords. ...read more.


Romeo goes mad to find anyways of trying to be with Juliet. SO he takes some Poison, so that there love would last forever. When Romeo goes to visit Juliet in the chapel he describes Juliet beautifully and poetically. For example he says, "Is crimson in thy lips and in thy cheeks, and deaths pale flag is not advanced there". Romeo still thinks and talks about Juliet's beauty even though she has passed on. Romeo always talks about Juliet's beauty because they had only met 2 days ago and they hadn't really seen each other. Romeo sees no point in living; " Death, lie thou there by a dead man interred." This means that literally, to be buried by a dead man. Romeo is going to kill himself as already dead. Romeo is as important to Juliet, as Juliet is to Romeo. As Juliet is really lonely, she only has Romeo but he has his friends. This is why Juliet and her nurse's relationship are so important. Juliet's nurse treats Juliet as her own daughter. Romeo wants to be with Juliet at all costs. For example, "Thou art not conguered; beauty's ensign yet". Saying to the battle between life and death for possession of Juliet's body. I can identify more with this because I would do the same for the person I loved. Romeo has different emotions put together and he realises that even if she was alive they still couldn't be together. ...read more.


When Romeo finds out Tybalt killed Mercutio the next day. Romeo kills Tybalt in the play whereas in the film Romeo was present when Tybalt killed Mercutio. Romeo was chasing Tybalt in the car at night and that's when Tybalt dies. Romeo was really quick to attack Tybalt. After Romeo kills Tybalt he says "O, I'm fortunes Fool" Which shows that Romeo only killed Tybalt for pure revenge. Conclusion I think that Di Caprios character of Romeo was played extremely well. Di Caprio showed all of Romeos emotions very well. At the beginning of the play Romeo is desperately in love, which tells us about Shakespeare's way of life. He falls in and out of love and when he falls in love and has someone who loves him back he would have never thought that it would be his enemies. I think that it is not all of Di Caprios acting that helps me respond to Romeos character is how Baz Luhrmann interprets it. Luhrmanns scenery also helps me to understand and relates to how it really went on in the play and the film Romeo and Juliet. Di Caprios has acted well on Romeos emotion and they really came though. Besides Baz Luhrmann's film would have thought Shakespeare would still be impressed with Baz Luhrmann's film and how he portrays Romeo as exactly in the play. Shakespeare would like the idea of women to play Juilet instead of a man playing the part although this was against the convention of Elizabeth theatre. With Baz Luhrmanns scenery and remake of the play. Laura Johnston 12PG ...read more.

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