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Romeos obituary

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Romeo Montague Romeo Montague died on 1st November 2002. He was born in the National Hospital of Verona on the 20th October 1987. He sadly committed suicide at the tender age of sixteen. He committed suicide by drinking an unknown but extremely poisonous substance. While Romeo was alive he led a happy and joyful life. He always lived life to its fullest; he had no restrictions unlike the females of his age. ...read more.


He is a popular member of school. I believe that Romeo can be a very good boy, who is influenced by the wrong people. His work lacks effort and he is doing very poorly in all subjects. However he is a very good sportsman and seems to enjoy P.E. I would like to see some improvement next year." After many schools had expelled Romeo for good, his parents sent him to military school where he thrived. ...read more.


Romeo was a very passionate young boy. This is shown in his first unrequited love for Rosalina. Childish crushes aside, Romeo's love for Juliet showed admiration for Juliet. Although his death caused a lot of grievance, it had a positive outcome also. His death caused the end of the hostility between the Capulet's and Montague's. Romeo was a favourite among many of the girls of the city and will be missed by them. Also Romeo will be missed by Lord and Lady Montague, his many friends and the whole of Verona. xcvz ...read more.

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