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Room 101 piece It was like being born again bright lights, strange voices and a feeling of complete vulnerabilit

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Max squires Room 101 piece It was like being born again bright lights, strange voices and a feeling of complete vulnerability, a nakedness that can only be covered by time. I could not see only feel and hear. A sensation crawled through me slowly and more intense with each movement. It got worse and worse, stimulating me into a shaking action which was getting faster and faster. I tried to open my eyes to see what was doing this to me. I struggled to open my eyes as the pressure built up. Then finally they open like an eon old river breaking through a dam. The sight I saw was overwhelming, an unforgiving light blazing into my eyes stripping them of all peace and stability. I could see nothing and everything a whiteness that can't be tainted. A godly presence of ultimate intellect controlled by a childish mind of only innocence. I was a fully grown ............ human yes a human, overtaken by an awe for this presence that I was encased by. ...read more.


It told me by touch that I did not exist, I did not know anything, and I am just a small inconvenient being. I fell to my knees gripping my head. Tearing my hair out as the silent child plays more of its games. Picking bits of my open conscience to torture and devour like a nightmare vulture. It would not leave me just taunt me with its superior position and power. It moved further it to my body, causing me incredible pain in my chest. I scratched at my chest try to remove while the presence still laughed at my pain. It mocks me on how simple I was that I could feel pain. It plummeted me into a pool of dark, pictures were flashed through my head of a man's life; his first kiss, his first wife, his first child, his first parent's death. But something was wrong with all of them; all the good memories were polluted as the people he loved were screaming in the same intolerable pain that he was in and they all started to split apart, flooding the scene with blood that covered him. ...read more.


said a screechy voice "Get her out of here NOW!" "His heart rate is still falling" "NOOO DON'T LET HIM DIE!" "I SAID GET HER OUT OF HERE!" Everyone there was oblivious to the fact that I was awake. I looked at my body to see men pulling out bits of shiny metal from my stomach and chest. I was calm and cool. Then someone burst in. "Hello doctor what can I do to help" "Umm start pulling bullets out of his stomach.......... who are you " "My name is Michaels" I was shouting at the doctor to get him out of here but he did not notice. He was the one. He had that voice of silence. He pulled something out of his apron; a reaper black gun. The next thing I knew was that everyone other person was dead including the woman who had been screaming; my heart throbbed for her . Michaels spoke in that childish tone of grim joy. Then out the gun to my head and said "Die bastard" I woke again in a place unknown where the voice broke its silence for the second time. "I knew you would like it" It giggled into the silence. Words: 942 ...read more.

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