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room 101 speech

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In millions of homes across the country, an alarm clock buzzing at six in the morning signals more than just an obnoxious melody. It signals the onslaught of a ritual-like ballet, where parents and children are sent scrambling around the house. Socks are searched for, coffee is spilled, and the entire kitchen is transformed into a frenzy of hungry, half-dressed people. In one corner, there is a father calmly reading the morning paper. In the other corner, a teenage girl blow dries her hair, paints her nails and, while bouncing on one foot, puts on one of the socks she just found. Like every other kid on her block, she is getting ready for school. But unlike many kids, she has the freedom of choosing what she will wear to school. The introduction of school uniforms causes more than just debates, and many parents are opposed to the idea because there are many disadvantages involved in requiring school uniforms. ...read more.


A school that previously did not require uniforms will run into a lot of problems when putting the idea into action. It is a well-known fact that all things cost money, and this is certainly true in school uniforms. According to David L. Brunsma and Kerry A. Rockquemore, uniforms for a school "...can cost a school $160,000..." (1). Aside from the mint, this money has to come from somewhere, and they may even mean parents' pockets. Uniforms are very expensive, and cause undue financial stress on many families. A family that once enjoyed a family dinner at a nice restaurant every Saturday may be forced to save that extra money to put towards a child's uniform. Another method of gathering such money could include fund raisers, or even cutting back on sports programs or other groups that otherwise would not have to suffer. By cutting back on sports programs a school risks the opportunity of less student participation. ...read more.


This type of idea would only separate the freshmen from the rest of the classes, when in fact the idea of uniforms is to create unity. While some favour the use of uniforms, it is obvious that the uniforms have no effect on the very aspects of education that they were intended to. By being required to wear uniforms students lose their own group identities only to be forced to conform to another group. The uniforms also cause no change in academics, even though they were intended to do so. Along with having numerous downsides concerning purpose and logic, school uniforms cost a lot of money. By having to by extra money to afford uniforms, many parents will not be able to afford putting their children into sports programs or other extracurricular activities - the kind of activities that actually affect a student's education. The many downsides of uniforms make it an absolutely preposterous idea. Some students argue that they would feel "ridiculous" in the uniform. Then again, who wouldn't look ridiculous by spending money and altering an entire educational institution only to get nothing in return? ...read more.

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