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Room 101.

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Room 101 I was on my way home from work; it was a rather cold and foggy evening. I took my usual route, which leads me through a dark and dingy alley. As I walked through the alley I was startled by a scream for help. I tried to establish where the scream was coming from but it seemed to come from every direction as it echoed around me. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang that stopped me dead in my tracks. I ran over to where the bang came from and discovered the source of the screams. Through the smoky silhouettes I could see a girl slumped on the wet concrete, struggling and pleading for help. My eyes followed the shadow upwards almost in slow motion, to reveal a tall dark man, his finger poised on the trigger of his gun, the barrel pushed into the girls head. My brain seemed to freeze as the survival instinct kicked in and my legs frantically carried me away from what I had just seen. I did not look back, not even when the gunshot resonated behind me, briefly stunting my quickening breaths. ...read more.


"What's going on?" I pleaded, "What am I doing here?" After a brief silence my captor called my name, "Peter" he said in a deep voice. As he spoke the bright white dimmed so I could see the outline of the tall, well-built man speaking to me. I still could not make out any facial features, just his looming frame as he moved towards me. "I think you know what this is about Peter, and the sooner the you give me some answers the sooner you can go." The air became thick with cigar smoke and the smell of his stale breath made me nauseous as he hovered over me. "Lets start with a little test then Peter, if you came across someone in trouble, and you had the chance to help that person would you do it?" "Well, yes I would help in anyway I could?" I replied confusedly. "Really? Interesting. Even if that meant you were putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, would you still play the Good Samaritan Peter?" he retorted. "Yes, of course I would, look what is this about?" ...read more.


"So you were a coward, just like you are now?" "Yes, yes I admit it, just please get me away from these things" "Say it" he said. I just sat there crying it was no use trying to get away anymore they were everywhere. "Say it!" he bellowed. " I'm a coward," I whimpered. "Louder you pathetic idiot" "I'm a coward," I screamed. With that a hand grabbed me and was dragging me towards the door, my body rubbing over their scaly bodies. I was dumped back in the corridor, so relieved to be out of that room. My eyes failed to adjust after that bright light. I could still feel his presence. He knelt down beside me and spoke in my ear. "You are a pathetic, poor excuse for a man. If it wasn't for your selfishness and cowardliness she would still be here. Now you have to live with that, and I hope this little episode means that it is something you can never forget." His footsteps drifted into the distance, as I lay in the corridor confused and ashamed. Blake MacDonald 11W Room 101 Mrs Dukelow ...read more.

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