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Rosemary Dobson seems intent on presenting a view of life as bleak and generally uninteresting - Discuss

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English Homework Week 8 "Rosemary Dobson seems intent on presenting a view of life as bleak and generally uninteresting In the poems by Rosemary Dobson it generally presents the view of life as bleak. "The Tiger" is an example of this. This also reinforces the limitations on her poetic inspirations. The idea is presented by the effective use of imagery, tone, sound devices and the temporary progression. However, the poem by no means is uninteresting due to the use of these techniques. Imagery is used by the poet to express her poetic concern. The poem "The Tiger" is completely an extended metaphor. As the central metaphor, the tiger symbolizes the poet's creativity and potential. ...read more.


Therefore, the poem is interesting. A fixed tone is created at the beginning of the poem. It again reinforces the thematic concern of the overall theme. The tone does not change throughout the poem suggesting the constant constraint the poet felt. This is created by words such as "rage", "smouldering" and "furious". Which again highlights the irritation the poet herself felt due to the lack of freedom on the poetic inspirations. Therefore, the tone creates a sense of "life as bleak". However, the poem is not uninteresting as the words used to create such tone are emotive and effective to stir up the reader to experience the pain of not being able to express them. ...read more.


Throughout the poem, the poet is switching between past and present tense. For example "his was the world to roam, who now is captive to the black barred page." This suggests that the poet's poetic inspirations were once free. But it is no longer free at present. This is effective because it creates a contrast between past and present and helps the reader to understand what is creating such pressure on her poetic inspirations. Thus, it is effective to the reader in gaining further understanding towards the poet's view of life as bleak. Hence the poet is interesting because it publishes a particular point of a poet. Overall, Rosemary Dobson's poems presents the view of life as bleak due to the use of imagery, tone, sound devices and temporary progression. However they are still interesting due to the sense of struggle and misery the techniques create. ...read more.

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