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Route to the Caf

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Assignment 2 Descriptive piece - Journey of a man on his morning route to the Caf� des Beaux-Art En Route to le Caf� des Beaux-Arts Closing the door behind me I swung around and placed my best foot forward. Fine patterns stitched into the Italian leather of my shoe smiled up at my face. I smiled back, not at the shoe, but the world around me. A dozen marble steps led me to the pavement and the start of my morning voyage. The music of the street engulfed me; the sounds of children playing, vehicles revving their engines, tyres screeching and men shouting are all too common around here, at least for me. ...read more.


I'm not miserly; I just don't sympathize with people who have given up. My mind quickly moved on from vagrancy to the harsh realities of life. Life is what we make of it. Holding my head high, contemplating my success, I stumbled. A lace had come undone! I bent down. Feelings of inferiority and vulnerability threatened to swamp my body. To stoop below the common people imbues me with a sensation of coarse, bitter resentment. Drills screaming, hammers beating, and the vulgar sound of fat men shouting; a building site. I prefer not to harm my eyes with such an atrocity, so I turned away. Yet, odours of fat filled, high cholesterol lunches insinuated my nose and throat. ...read more.


Anger encouraged me to walk on. Beside the school is a park. Couples embrace, children play and people rest. A place I fear and loathe. A place of dizziness, confusion and disorder. I cannot stand this "garden of joy". I continued my journey. I have friends, I just don't see them. I like parties; people just don't seem to entertain anymore. And how I would love romance. But I am happy. We now arrive at County Street, known for being glorious. Strangers bid you "good day" and magnificent aged oaks soar into the blue sky, towering over civilization and human life. Nobility, strength and power, this street pleases me. I opened the door to be greeted by aromas of freshly ground coffee. I entered the caf�, above me the sign, "Le Caf� des Beaux-Arts". ?? ?? ?? ?? Sebastien Haghayeghi Page 1 20/01/2010 ...read more.

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