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RSPCA letter. The medium of print advertising the RSPCA has chosen for this campaign is very effective because it shows the reader that the money they donate will go towards caring for the animals and not into creating an amazing poster with an expensive

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Dear Director of the RSPCA I respect that the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has been running since 1824 very successfully and I have been analysing your mailbox campaign for a school project. I am intrigued by your choice of media. I am impressed by the way that you use the mailbox campaign so effectively instead of doing a huge, expensive TV ad. This shows the audience that you use their money to actually help the animals and use their money how it's supposed to be used instead of using it to make a glossy magazine or flashy TV ad. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded in 1824 to work with the government and public to prevent animal cruelty and can prosecute those who neglect the law, on behalf of defenceless animals. The RSPCA launched this mailbox campaign to press to others what cruel things happen to the poor animals behind closed doors, how they help the ill-treated animals and that they need the help of the public to keep on with this good deed but they would need to make a donation to do this. ...read more.


The size of the photographic image compared to the space given to advertising copy is quite large it is a significant presentational device as it is a large image it draws the reader to the image causing the reader to fell sympathetic towards the poor, defenceless animal. In terms of the camera angle the kitten is looking down on the envelope making it look very vulnerable but once you open the envelope on the leaflet the same kitten is looking up so it seems like there is hope for the kitten making the reader feel it is their responsibility to help the kitten get better and find a new home. The white background makes the writing easy to see and it shows the reader that their money will go to the animals and not to make a glossy, fashionable magazine. The pictures of the suffering animals really play with the readers emotions making them want to make a change. ...read more.


The strengths of this campaign were the sympathetic/emotive language causing the reader to feel guilty causing the reader to feel that it is their responsibility to help the animals by donating. A second strength would be the use of repetition of the "�3" meaning the amount of money gets stuck in the readers head making them feel it is not that much money. Even though there are strengths there are weaknesses for example as I said beforehand there are a few too many animal stories which can cause the reader to lose interest and not only this but the actual letter part of the campaign could come across as a bit too long which may cause the reader to skip that part which means you would not get the same affect on the reader as you would if they had read it through. Summing up all that I have said I think you have made a good job of your campaign with only a few minor improvements. Yours faithfully A. Pope (Miss) ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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