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Rugby Match

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I will always remember the day my life changed. Do you know what it is like to have your enemy standing 10 inches to your right of you? These brutes are willing to give their lives to stop us from succeeding in our cause. Standing , shoulder to shoulder with my fellow warriors, I was nervous. We were Warriors fighting for our countries pride, honour and glory. I felt the weight of millions of people?s expectations; I was under pressure. The pressure was an excruciatingly heavy weight to bear ,however, it seemed to squeeze confidence out of every pore in my body. This was the only thing we thirty men had in common , that and our love for rugby, the sport born out of the ashes of football. The crowed roared and screamed as thirty men walked on to the field where the battle would commence. As the New Zealand kicker stepped up to the halfway line, the crowds excitement was palpable. ...read more.


? Whats going on!? screamed the coach ? we are acting like we are beat , and you know what? We are far from it. We didn?t come all this way ,worked hard through all this training and beaten all the other teams to just roll over and die! We have to fight for every inch and slowly it will add up until we score! If your not going to put your body on the line tell me now and I will take you off for someone who will.? ?Would I fight?? I thought to myself. ?Yes , I will die before i stop fighting !? As My team mates and I march on to the field with new confidence we prepare ourselves for a fight for England ,our country. The referee blows his whistle. The ball drifts in the gentle breeze and finds its way to a 20 stone monster. His counter part for England was running as fast as his little legs would carry his small round body. ...read more.


New Zealand had mad a mistake allowing England to advance deep into the oppositions territory. Another whistle blow for a penalty this was in front of the posts. 30 seconds remained on the clock. A feeling of deja vu engulfed me as i , once again , place the tee down. This kick will win the world cup. The pressure was a weight impossible mask. My mind unable to comprehend the enormity of the seemingly simple task. The ball was sitting on the tee begging to be kicked. one foot found its way in front of a mother then all of a sudden. CONNECTION ! I gazed in wonder as the rugby ball spun elegantly through the air. somersaulting its way in between the the up rights. A eruption of jubilated fans celebrating this achievement , leapt to their feet and began screaming in sheer joy. I did it , I won the world cup. The pressure was like evaporating water rising from my once heavy head. There was no time left for a comeback. The final whistle overpowered by joyous Englishmen and women. I will always remember the day my life changed , the day I overcame pressure. ...read more.

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