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Run the Tape Backwards

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Sarah Thomas Run the Tape Backwards I had just arrived home at about 1am, I had just finished work, and Joe had just walked me home. We had had a busy night at work and a lot of fun. After running round in the kitchens all night I was so tired I went straight to bed. Whilst laid in bed starting to drift off I began to think about Joe, and how much I loved him, until I finally dropped off to sleep, and became enveloped in my dream. I was sitting in a room that I didn't recognise. It was quite dark. There were no lights on and I couldn't find the light switch, the only light visible was that of the television. I sat down on the nearest couch and stared at the T.V. All I could see was a snowy background. I heard the video player start up; it was making its usual buzzing noises as it ate whatever video was in the machine. The remote was lying on the floor next to my feet, and I was curious to know what video was in the machine. I pressed the 'Play' button. Nothing appeared on screen. I assumed that it must have reached the end of the tape so pressing the rewind button I sat and watched the tape it was of someone I couldn't quite 'make out', running extremely quickly backward. ...read more.


I can remember sitting next to my mum trying to believe what was been said to me. All this time I had believed that they had grown apart and just didn't like each other any more, but this was much deeper than that, this was horrible. I look terrified. Mum then looked at me with sorrowful eyes and began talking again, 'Sarah, I'm sorry about all this.' I saw myself begin to cry. I started to rewind the video further this time going back about 5 years ago, I am watching the summer before my 11th birthday. I am just about to start comprehensive school in year 7. I am sitting on the sofa of my old house the one which my Father and sister now live in. I can remember feeling really upset because I hadn't seen my Mum for nearly two weeks. Whenever we asked Dad where she was, he would just shout at us and tell us to mind our own business. But this time he was telling us where she was and why she wasn't going to come back. Laura and I were sitting side by side both with the same horrified look on our faces. My Father was telling us that Mum and he were splitting up, and wouldn't be getting back together. I asked my Dad why this was happening, and the only reason he gave me, that it was all Mums' fault. ...read more.


As I sit and watch I remember some of the great times that my new Dad and I have had these last few years and how I have now accepted him as my Dad. I watch as my Grandad comes through the door and looks at his daughter with great pride in his eyes. He takes her in his arms and tells her he loves her, it's a beautiful moment. The next thing I see is my Uncle Martin and me standing side by side watching my Mum and Dad get married. We stand in the garden of the house we were staying in. The house was a miniature castle. It was beautiful. As I sit and watch the video I look at my Mum and Dad and look at the love in their eyes, the kind of look that you know if you keep starring nothing will go wrong. They never lost each other's gaze, they held onto it throughout the vows, as though they were holding onto each other. The next thing on the video that I see is Dad and I exchanging promises to one-another, this is a particularly special moment for both of us because in a way he was adopting me. He speaks to me with a pure tone, I can tell he means what he is saying. For the first time since my parents broke up I feel accepted I feel as though I actually am loved and this love is coming from someone that not only loves me, but also loves my Mum as well. ...read more.

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