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Runaway. I remember dad shouting, swearing. I just wanted to get out of there. I just wanted to get out of there.

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Runaway I remember dad shouting, swearing. I just wanted to get out of there. I just wanted to get out of there. Mum was telling him to calm down but he didn't listen to her, he just pushed her away; she fell back and twisted her ankle. I think she might have broken her foot but dad didn't care, he was a pothead himself. He was pissed off because he had got a warning from the cops that he had seen some of my mates smoking weed next to the park, but he weren't sure if he had seen me there. Luckily he hadn't. The only reason my dad was angry was because he thought that I would turn out to be just like him, an addict with no life and no-one to care for him without a proper family, but what did he care? That was the only enjoyment in life. He was acting kind of suspicious at the same time because he knew I had come home later than usual and then he grinned at me: "If you want to stay out so late, don't ever come back!" I couldn't take it, this would happen every night, dad would get angry and everyone would go to their rooms. I ran to my bedroom before anyone else exploded into anger. I don't know what happened to mum but I heard some crying later... ...read more.


When I woke up I could see the light shining through the smashed window. I ate some of the crisps I had bought with me and put the rest back in my bag for the rest of the day. After a few days of sleeping rough I felt sick, my body started to ache because it was a hard surface and we were running out of food quick, we couldn't move around easy and it was even worse because we knew no-one from around here, it was just us two. I imagined being at home in my room when there were no problems in the world; I never knew what problems meant... Dad would come home from work and mum would be cooking. He would always hug me when he came back and we would practice playing football, then Kyle would come over and play with us in the backyard, mum would watch us, laughing and enjoying every minute of it. All until the day, he got fired from work. The manager said that he wasn't working up to his potential that was his excuse. He fired my dad because he had found a younger employee and he had a grudge against my dad from day one, he knew he was perfect in every way and he knew that if my dad still worked with him, he would take over as manager. Dad knew he was getting old and he was going through so much especially through his midlife crisis so he started to drink and the drinking lead to smoking weed. ...read more.


He had already gone. He must have ran out "DAMN!" there was a guard standing next to the entrance. Kyle had cheated on me, he had changed a lot since we had come here but there was no point thinking about that, everyone had heard me already, I sprinted as fast as I could, by now everyone was staring, I started to lose my balance as I ran, my vision started blurring. Where was the door? I could see two guards when there was only supposed to be one, there were two doors, and there was only one before? Everyone had seen me now; they knew I done something wrong so I had to get away. Both guards had blue uniforms on and they both turned towards my direction on the same second. My body was about to fall but I had to keep running, if they found out they would take me away. I had slowed down from before to keep my balance, I was nearly there and then I dived, I dived straight towards the door. I crashed through the glass window. My whole body couldn't move, I felt like I was losing blood but I couldn't move my head to see. Everything was still a blur. I was running short of breath. I could see the sky a light blue. I could hear a siren from a distance but the sound was distorted. My eyelids felt heavy and gradually started to close, the sky got darker, everything was pitch black and then, there was silence. Aqib Zubair 11D Original Writing 1 ...read more.

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