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Rural Love, Life and Labour.

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Rural Love, Life and Labour I remember as if it were yesterday, my father, my mother, my two younger sisters and I... How happy we were... We lived in Chikkibalou, a small village in the rural area of Northeast Brazil. My father, who was a tall, stocky, brave but very loving man worked as a farmer on our family's own fields. Our family was the main supplier of food to the other villagers and therefore Father always had a steady income. Back then, mother never used to go out to work. She stayed at home and maintained the house, as well as hosting village meetings and preparing well balanced daily dinners for all of us, I adored living in the small village of Chikkibalou. At the time I was about thirteen years of age. My two younger sisters, Nadia and Nabila, were still very young. Nadia is the eldest of the two, and at the time Father was alive and we were living in the village of Chikkibalou she was only at the delicate age of nine. My youngest sister Nabila was only eight. Although there are quite a few years between the three of us, we were close, almost like best friends. Everything has changed now, though. Things have changed so drastically and in such a short space of time. You see, Father became very ill, and the doctor diagnosed him with Malaria. Although he was given lots of medication we always knew there was a chance of him not coming through, but we never properly considered it. Over the weeks, Father's health gradually began to deteriorate and he eventually became bed ridden. Mother was at his side when he passed away. She always tried to remain optimistic through the situation for the sake of us; Nabila, Nadia and I. She told us that he did not die in pain, but peacefully. ...read more.


Had my master have not just ordered me to clear away the dishes as they retired to the library, I would have gone after her, to escort her to her bedroom. Due to my absence in service, Christoph, her father, excused himself to take Emily up, after promising a prompt return a few minutes later. Whilst I began to clear the dishes away the four remaining men followed my master to the library. I thought about how much I longed to see Emily and speak to her. Half of me was telling myself that I had a whole twelve months to get to know her, but the other half was telling me to go and see her, as first impressions are everything and if I did not get talking to her soon, I never would. It was then I came up with the most perfect idea: After I had finished the washing up, which I knew would take me a while, I would call in on the men in the library to see if they required anything. If Christoph was back downstairs, I was to go up to her bedding suite to see her, if she was still awake and indeed willing to talk to me. After all she might not want the first thing to do with me. I began to hand wash all the fine bone china and crystal glasses. I finally finished an hour and a half later after slaving over the sink. When I unplugged the basin and dried my hands, I saw they were wrinkled due to the sustained amount of time they had been in the tepid water. I then made a tray of five crystal brandy balloons and the exquisite Austrian Crystal decanter of brandy and took them into the library where I was greeted with clouds of cigar smoke and found them half way through their third game of Backgammon. ...read more.


Hands shaking, I slowly picked it up and unfolded it. I'm sorry, I can't do this anymore. I've gone back to London. Yours Emily xxxxx I couldn't believe it. Were things really that bad? I thought that letter was supposed to cheer her up. I ran over to the wardrobe. Her clothes were all gone, her suitcase too. I grabbed my passport from my bedside cabinet (It had come the day before, so I could travel to England with her the following month) and dashed out of the door and down the stairs. "Kareem, what on earth is wrong?" my master shouted at me as I sped by him. "Emily has gone to London, I'm going to find her!" I replied as I went through the front door. As I despatched on the ten-minute distance to the airport all that was running through my mind were questions. ' Why has done this to me? Did she really mean it? What had the letter said and who was it from?' I had to find the answer to these questions. I had to find her. I boarded on a plane to Gatwick Airport thirty minutes later and arrived at my English destination nine hours after that. I am now sat in a guest room at a 'Forte Travelodge'. It is four o' clock in the morning (English time). After I have had, or tried to have, a decent few hours sleep I will set off to find her. I have to get her back. She loves me. I'm going to find all the answers to my questions and then help her through the pregnancy, no matter whether we decide to keep the baby or not. I hope to find her. I'm sure I will. I mean, London can not be that big a place, can it? Well, thank you for reading my story. Wish me luck! Goodnight! Love Kareem xxx P.S- God, bless my father, and let him know that I love him so dearly and need his help now more than ever before. Sophie Black Page 1 2 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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