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Ryan’s eyes lay on the floor.

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Ryan's eyes lay on the floor. Bleakly he laboured his vocal chords; "We gotta see Dave 'bout 'process'," his eyes rolled to mine, "be amazed." His enthusiasm was not encouraging for only my second day at work. Ryan opened the door, intent on getting me in the office first; he then apprehensively followed. I surveyed the room; it was decorated in clutter. Desks were muddled with papers, ornaments and stationary; a true Aladdin's Cave. A row of coffee mugs lined up on the windowsill waiting expectantly for the hourly caffeine boost crucial to the workers. I had learned from the previous day not to trust the hygiene of 'the lads downstairs'; their mugs were the object of much hilarity especially when the brown coffee dregs turned green. ...read more.


On second glance he was an unmistakable feature of the room. A large walrus of a man sat unblinking in front of me. My fascinated stare was met by huge marble eyes that plunged into me. A nose and mouth melted into the roundness of his face whilst the grinning eyes gouged through the air and hollowed into my head. His face as round and bulbous as his eyes, lolled sluggishly on the vast mass that was his body. What was once a neck had been crushed under the weight of his own cannon ball head and now sagged all over the place. Ripples of fat that slumped over his chokingly tight collar gave him multiple chins, which swelled at the slightest movement. ...read more.


Thass great! I'm going to talk yun Ryan here through 'process', ya'll understand won't ya? Great! Now, where did I put that- ah yeees there 'tis. Thass great!" The huge bulldog in front of me seemed to explode with words caked in a heavy Yorkshire intonation. I struggled to keep up with his speech, but couldn't stop myself drifting away from his words. I was mesmerised by the movement of his mouth, which every now and then had saliva spurting from it. The steady juddering of his pink flabby lips seemed to be the only exercise he was capable of. I had noticed Ryan was sitting back in his chair and had drifted off into another world. I couldn't blame him; I wasn't sure how long my brain could take such a sight and the constant jabbering that went with it. It would be a long morning. ...read more.

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