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Ryan Brooke 10AR Wednesday 14th December '05

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Ryan Brooke 10AR Wednesday 14th December '05 An Inspector Calls An Inspector calls be J.B. Priestley was written in 1946 but was set in 1912. At this stage in time society was very different as it had many classes of people such as working class, middle class and upper class. The play starts off with the Birling family (Mr, Mrs, Sheila and Eric) and Mr. Gerald Croft, celebrating the engagement of Gerald and Sheila. Mr Birling is very happy at this as he is hoping that he and Gerald's fathers (the owner of Croft ltd) companies will merge together, and therefore earn more money. Then an inspector comes and interrupts their dinner, and questions them. As the play progresses the audience gets to see that he is no ordinary inspector as he has many dramatic functions. As soon the inspector come on stage he creates a presence at once. "The Inspector need not be a big man but he creates at once an impression of massiveness," because of this, no ones doubts that he is a real police inspector, and that he will probably gain respect instantly. ...read more.


Gerald and Eric were both guilty of lust, over the girl Eva Smith/Daisy Renton, Mr. Birling was guilty of greed as he didn't want to give Eva Smith any money in a pay rise leading to her death, and also his confidence in him getting a knighthood. Sheila was envious of Eva Smith even though she didn't know it as she knew Gerald was having an affair with another woman and she was jealous, and that she made fun of a hat on her head while she was trying it on in Millwards, by laughing at her smugly. Mrs Birling was guilty of having too much pride in herself and her family as if they couldn't possibly do anything wrong and it gets her in deep trouble. Dramatic irony occurs when she gets told of a boy who got her pregnant and left her happened to be her own son, and she was saying that he should get what he deserves. ...read more.


"He certainty didn't make me confess - as you call it. I told him quite plainly that I thought that I had done no more than my duty." Is how Mrs. Birling did this. When Gerald returns and tell the family the inspector was a fake the family react excitedly to it. "By jingo, a fake!" Is Mr. Birlings reply to the news. This implies that he thought the inspector was real and he was scared he was going to be in trouble and that his knighthood may of been in jeopardy. Then they get the phone call and are all very scared as they think that they've seen the future and that they really might have something to do with the girl's death. The many roles the inspector has added depth and made it very interesting this makes the audience wait and see what the inspector does next. The inspectors role is to get the characters to examine their consciences. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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