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Safe Retreat

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3A - Describe a place of refuge or a safe retreat. May/June 2007 Paper 3 Here we go again. I sit there wishing my sterile, bare walls that stood completely unaffected were a little more efficient at blocking out sound. I snatch my favorite violet speckled pillow and pull it over my head in vain as I try to block out my mother's high pitched, shrieking voice. I wish they would stop fighting for once. Ever since dad lost his job last month, things have gone downhill. He comes home, wasted beyond belief and mom sits in the living room like a prey ready to pounce to greet him once he enters. Greet him with a lecture of course. Some days it gets out of control. ...read more.


A little part of me hopes that by some miracle my mother will have noticed my disappearance and will wait up for me. I run nearly a mile blinded by anger in order to clear my mind. I vent out all my frustration by running until pain shoots through my legs. I run towards Vineyard Hills. My secret hiding place. My sole safe haven. Vineyard Hills has been my favorite place to go to since I was five. When things used to be better and we were one exuberant, happy family who used to come here religiously for our weekly picnics. Yet ever since Lake Elizabeth was opened, this once bright, beautiful beloved park has turned into a deserted, lonely piece of land. ...read more.


I gasped at the scene as it unfolded in front of me and stared in utter amazement. Streaks of warm peach melted into swirls of light blue. The huge orb of bright yellow dimmed into a calming orange as its rays softened, slowly diminishing. The sun was tranquilly setting and beckoning nightlight to come. Before I knew it a blanket of onyx blackness covered the sky above. A blanket of jagged clouds trailed obediently as the moon sat like a queen in the sky. Tiny specks of sparkling light delicately decorated the vast space above and I realized as I closed my eyes leaning back into the tree again. I wish I could stay here forever. This is the only place where I could feel so light, so serene. Vineyard Hills was my escape. My safe retreat. ...read more.

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