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Samphire, by Patrick OBrian, is a short story which takes place in a very sheer and steep cliff by the sea.

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T.P. on "Samphire", by Patrick O'Brian "Samphire", by Patrick O'Brian, is a short story which takes place in a very "sheer" and steep cliff by the sea. The cliff is too high, that there are no chances of surviving if you fall down from it. It is quite a remote place, where the wind tears in from the sea and brings the salt tang of the spray. The main characters of the story are a husband and wife and they are on holiday. She is named Molly; yet, his husband's name is not given at any point of the novel. The story starts when, one day, her husband decides to take Molly to the high cliff, though she does not like altitudes at all. He finds a clump of samphire, a fleshy green plant that grows near the sea, and invites Molly to have a look at it. ...read more.


He made his wife call him "Lacey" and treat him like his lord and master. Meanwhile, Molly seems to have two different personalities during the narration. At first, she is shown as a cautious, scared and distrustful woman, who can not be without his husband and who is afraid of heights. This can be seen in the following quote, when her husband makes her lean over the cliff to look down: "Heights terrified her, always had. She could not close her eyes; that only made it worse. She stared unseeing, while the brilliant air and and the sea and the noise of the sea assaulted her terrified mind and she clung insanely to the thin grass." Nevertheless, at the end of the story, her personality changes, and she turns to be fed up of her husband, tired of him telling her what to do. ...read more.


That is why the book says that "He had fallen of a cliff all right". To our mind, the story is mostly written in the omniscient point of view which enables the writer to present the inner thoughts and feelings of all his characters. We are not only able to know about Molly's feelings, like what she thought of heights and how se hated his husband, but also the writer shows us her husband's feelings and personality. This helps the reader to know more about the whole story than any single character in it. All in all, we believe that the story leaves a strong impression on the reader. It deals with gender discrimination and shows people that both husband and wife should be respectful and kind to each other, because, otherwise, they will go separate ways and the marriage will not be sustained. In "Samphire", the man's attitude is terrible, and it almost ends up in him being killed by her. ?? ?? ?? ?? Eliana Gomez Balaguer & Laura Giglio March, 31st ...read more.

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