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Samurai's Destiny

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English Language - Creative Writing Samurai's Destiny The wind howled outside as Xuande Samanouskesan awoke from his sleep. He looked around the room, but could find no reason for his awakening. Suddenly the shutters blew open and a blast of cold air entered the room. Xuande got to his feet and walked over to the shutters. Just as his hand touched the shutter, he heard a scream coming from the next room. He grabbed his sword, ran into the hallway and stopped. He heard muffled screams coming from his daughters room. He burst through the door and saw three men carrying his daughter out through the window. "Oichi", shouted Xuande. As soon as the words had left his mouth the three men turned around. They were all wearing black from head to toe including a black bandana to hide their faces. They looked around and saw Xuande standing in the doorway, with his sword by his side. "Father.....", screamed Oichi. The two men carrying her smashed the window and fled while the third man drew his sword and prepared to fight. Xuande ran to the window but the men were disappearing into the forest. He turned around and stared at the third man with a silent rage. "I am The Dark Knight", exclaimed the third man as he bowed, almost as a friendly greeting, to Xuande. "Where have you taken my daughter?". "To a place where she is safe but also in danger", replied the Dark Knight Xuande questioned him madly, but deep inside he knew he wouldnt get any answers. ...read more.


Xuande saw the opportunity arise, and slipped into conversation with a drunken guard. "Eh..... Who are you?", stammered one of the guards. "Im Xuande, the new guard" "I didnt hear of no new guard. Oh well i dont hear about a lot of things. Welcome aboard!" Xuande, realising he had won the trust of htis guard, thought of a way he could get into the castle. "Can you show me the sleeping quarters?", asked Xuande. "Yeah, sure, why not.....", replied the guard. The guard got to his feet and stumbled his way to the exit of the tavern. Xuande walked alongside him, supporting the guard so he didnt fall over. "Im Takamori by the way......hiccup....... but my friends just call me Taka", said the guard in a slurred voice. "What was your name again?" "Im Xuande, remember" "Well, welcome aboard Zuandy", replied the guard as he stumbled outside into the darkness of the night. Xuande was glad to be outside again as the stale ale smell had began to nauseate him. Xuande led Taka into a side alley and stopped. Taka looked around with a puzzled look about him. "The barracks isnt this way". "Im sorry to have to do this Taka" replied Xuande before he struck Taka round the side of the head with his fist. Taka slumped to the floor with a small cut on the side of his head. Xuande pulled him deeper into the alley and removed Taka's uniform. He undressed himself and put on the uniform. It was about the right size, but the boots didnt fit, so Xuande had to wear his own boots. ...read more.


Oichi nodded and they both headed for the window leading to the gate house. In the courtyard, Xuande could see the gate guards sleeping at their posts. They seized this opportunity and walked quietly through the gate. "Who are you......" said the guard, sleepily. Xuande and Oichi froze on the spot and looked slowly around at the guard. "We were just leaving" "Oh ok", and with that the guard dropped back into a deep sleep. The two were walking down the main road, past the tavern when Xuande stopped and went into a dark alley. "Wait here Oichi i'll be back in a minute" whispered Xuande. He went into the alley and found the guard he had knocked out earlier, still lying on the floor, asleep. He found the box with his clothes in and changed back into them, leaving the guards closed next to his motionless body. He stepped back into the main road and returned to his daughter. "Oichi", Xuande said softly. "Father, i knew you'd come and rescue me i just knew u would" replied Oichi. The two walked out the the settlement surrounding the castle and began the journey back home. The trip was uneventfull and the two reached home as dawn was breaking. When they reached home they found everything was back to normal and their lives had been restored. The two were exhausted due to the tribulations they had endured during the past few days. Xuande left his daughter in her room and returned to his own room. He removed his armour and sword and sat down on his bed. He pondered silently for a second, about what had happened to him, before falling into a deep sleep. THE END ...read more.

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