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Santiago Nasar's Death in Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold: Santiago Nasar's Death Who, in your opinion, does Marquez believe is responsible for the murder of Santiago Nasar in the novel "Chronicle of a Death Foretold"? How does he communicate this message? Santiago Nasar must be described so the circumstances which led to his murder can be understood. Marquez describes him continuously throughout the novel, but ultimately gives little or random information about his personality. Therefore Santiago seems mysterious to both the reader and the community he lives in. He's a child of a wealthy family and has inherited his love for firearms and prudence from his father, who is already dead. Even as an adult Santiago remains with his mother and their cook Victoria Guzman. As Santiago's father was an Arab who moved to this Columbian town and behaved notoriously, the family has a bad reputation in town. As previously stated, Santiago has something mysterious about him that attracts women, even Divina Flor, the daughter of Victoria Guzman. ...read more.


'My first thought was that it wasn't any business of mine but something for the civil authorities, but then I made up my mind to say something in passing to Placida Linero.' Yet when he crossed the square, he'd forgotten completely. 'You have to understand,' he told me, 'that the bishop was coming that day."' This is said by Father Amandor, an authority figure in the town who could have stopped the crime, but didn't try to prevent it. As religion played a vital role in everybody's life, he especially should have tried to stop the murder. His religion tells him that murder is forbidden, but still even the Father seems to understand that the brothers have to restore their family's honour. Having studied the culture of this society, I think that Marquez mainly blames this for Santiago's death. The Vicario family is a good example of a traditional family in the town. "The brothers were brought up to be men. ...read more.


It was a matter of honour." This clarifies that they think that they have restored their honour and that it was not a murder. Because the town is not very larger, it's important to have a good reputation as reputation facilitates life and earns respect. Personally, I believe that Marquez clearly blames the grievances, and the old fashioned beliefs within this community, for Santiago's death. In light of the fact that every one in the town is piously religious, but understands that he brothers have to kill Santiago to restore their honour, Marquez points out the hypocrisy of all people in the town. He clearly marks that people often misunderstand religion and mix religious beliefs with things such as honour and revenge. The author suggests that this is the reason why Santiago was murdered. As everyone in the town is Catholic, they all should have tried to prevent the brothers from committing this crime, but because they allowed honour and revenge to cloud their religious beliefs, they put their conscience aside and didn't stop the murder. 768 Words (excluding quotations) Quotations: 225 Words ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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