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'Sara has got cobwebs between her knees,' said Frank Patel, one night.

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'Sara has got cobwebs between her knees,' said Frank Patel, one night. And that's pretty strange because Frank Patel is the guy who's been writing SARA IS THE BIGGEST SLUT IN ILFORD all over the school. What goes on? How can Frank say how easy Sara is - yet at Selin's party - after downing bare shots of vodka, complains that Moses couldn't part her knees. And as for what happened between Frank and Sara later on at Selin's party...I don't get it at all. There are only two people who can explain it. But when I asked Frank on Monday he went all quiet and ignored me. Then I tried Sara. I just said blatantly, 'Why did Frank call you the biggest slut in Ilford?' And she goes, 'I can't tell you', but adds, 'I'll write down why, though, provided you don't censor it.' So here is Sara's uncensored version - which according to her - is the whole truth and nothing but... Why do all blokes pinch my bum? Especially in the art block. And why do all blokes think they can touch me up whenever they want? Like it's their right. It used to get me really mad. Not any more. Boys fondle girls, because they think they ought to. It's all to do with image. Proving their manhood. That's all blokes about, their image. I tell you, our form's so called lads, Lawrence, Henry and Justin are the worst. You should see them walking around school with their hands all dangling down, like they're doing an ape impression. Trouble is, their shoulders roll over too. Cracks me up, every time. But they think it's a hard man's 'bowl'. Only two boys in our year don't pose. Well, one and a half. Don't count Stiff. No, I'm not being out of order. And at least I don't pretend I fancy Stiff, like some girls. ...read more.


He wasn't bad-looking - especially in his PE kit. He was kind, generous, almost too eager to please. Okay, he had a strange family but who hasn't. No, Frank passed all my tests, except one. The most important one. How can I describe it? Well, have you ever gone to sleep on a really warm night with tons of blankets and sheets covering you and when you wake up you fell so hot you an hardly breathe. It's agony. And those are also the symptoms of deep fancying. Like there was this really hunky guy I met on holiday, tall, dark and handsome, I just had to see him for my body temperature to jump to boiling point. I tell you, when I'm turned on it's like I'm wearing a life-sized electric blanket - on maximum. I get so hot and sticky and choked up, it's marvellous. But Frank, sorry he didn't even turn on one small radiator. Nothing, That's when I knew I had to be cruel to be kind. However difficult. Even though when I saw him bounding towards me I knew his big heart was turning cartwheels, and he was probably so hot his skin was peeling. Frank jumped down behind the Mound, said, 'Hello, Sara,' and gave me a very thin, very comfortable hug. Having got that over I dived in. 'Frank I want to say something. I really like you.' A broad grin grew on his face... 'as a friend.' The broad grin disappeared. 'I hope we'll always be friends. And I know people say 'Just friends' but actually no one or hardly anyone goes out with anyone for long...but you keep your friends for years and years. He nodded, going 'Uhuh' but not saying anything else. Then I looked at his eyes - very blue his eyes - and they told me his heart had stopped. I finished quickly, 'So thanks for the teddy bear. ...read more.


He was standing in front of me still wearing only his underpants. He looked very young, very alive. 'I'm just going to open a window,' I said. 'It's getting a bit stuffy in here' I can never open windows. They always seem to jam in my hands. This one was no exception. I pushed all my weight against it. Couldn't budge it. Then Phil just seemed to run his finger against it; opened instantly. His finger touched mine. I tried to get a gulp of fresh air but instead I got a mouthful of Frank. He grabbed me and pressed his lips so roughly against mine I was certain they'd start bleeding. Then his tongue tore into my mouth - no holding back this time. I must fight him off - in a minute. For the first time Frank frightened me. He was almost naked and I could feel his body tight against mine, desperately forcing himself onto me. And it was so hot I could hardly breathe. I pushed him away. 'Open the window,' I murmured. 'They're open,' he said, 'Can't be.' He lunged for me again. He was shaking with excitement and passion. 'No, no,' I said. The heat was making me dizzy. I swayed towards the window and gulped in gallons of fresh air. I turned on him. 'How dare you try to get off with me. You don't know the first thing about girls - grabbing me like that.' He didn't answer, just stood there shivering. I staggered to the door. I was baking. 'I'm going home now and I'd like you to know you've ruined this week and this party for me - and I don't want to speak to you again, ever.' I slammed the door and just stood on the outside, my head throbbing, my mind reeling, my heart...... I pushed open the door again. He was sitting on the bed, his head in his hands. 'And another thing...' He looked up. 'Ring me tomorrow night.' ...read more.

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