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Save the Children

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Save the Children Witney London OX29 7BR UK123 STC house Dear Home owner, If you have children I am sure that you are constantly checking exactly how well they are doing at school: Checking grades; helping with homework; encouraging them and, most importantly: making sure they never miss a day of school. After all, every child in the world deserves an education. Unfortunately not every child in the world has this luxury. In war torn and poverty stricken countries all over the world innocent children are being denied this privilege. There is a variety of reasons for this, including some of the causes explained further below: Child soldiers * Over 300,000 children are being used to fight wars across the world ...read more.


siblings they will be forced to look after them, missing out on their own education HIV/AIDS * Similar to the being orphans section. The children affected by the illnesses often have lost parents to HIV or AIDS * They miss their educations to look after parents or siblings who are affected by it * Teachers are missing a lot of time (sometimes dying) as they succumb to it These are a few of the reasons among many. There are children kidnapped from school in Baghdad and girls being raped and killed in the democratic republic of Congo every day. In schools across the world children can't even afford book or pens. What are the long term affects of not having an education? ...read more.


Where would you be if you didn't go to school? How can I help? By reading this letter you have shown that, as a caring member of the public, you are willing to make a difference. For just �1.50 you could give orphan school equipment, so for a petty �2 a month, over a year you could bestow upon an underprivileged child an education. In the Democratic Republic of Congo �14.00 ensures a youth with schooling for a whole year, for only �3 over four weeks for twelve months you could change three children's lives forever. To find out more go to: www.Savethechildren.com Phone for more information: 0800 12 36 54 To help these children directly please fill out the form enclosed. ...read more.

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