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saving private ryan

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Saving Private Ryan essay Analyse the methods used to make the opening battle sequence of 'Saving Private Ryan' both shocking and realistic and say how effective you find it as an introduction to the film. The name of the person who directed the film is Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg created the film on September 11th 1998. The film stars are Tom hanks, Edward Burns, Tom Sizemore, Barry Pepper, Adam Goldberg, Giovanni Ribisi, Jeremy Davies, Matt Damon and VIN diesel. The film that is a set in the word war II where the chief staff, General Marshall is informed that three of a woman's sons have been killed during the war and is about to be receiving the notifications of their death at the same time. The film itself has earned five and nearly a sixth Oscar. They won the best cast performance, film editing, best sound editing, best Cinematography, best motion picture drama and academy ward for the best director. ...read more.


Everyone was silent at this time all you could hear was the boat's engine. Then the doors open and all the chaos begins. As a soon as the soldiers were near the shore some vomited and these sounds are followed by the voice of the sergeant giving orders. Many of the soldiers that tried to leave boat got shot within seconds. There are Medium shots and close ups of soldiers being slaughtered. The sound track is of loud shouting and the sound of guns firing and killing the soldiers. Over the shoulder shots give the Germans perspective. The change of perspective gives the audience the summary of the blitz. The camera follows the soldiers that dive into the water and shows there are people both underwater and above water. As the bullets go through the water there was silence for a little while as they hit their target. This gives the audience the idea that there was a handheld camera following the soldiers up the beach. ...read more.


Harmonic music starts to play in the background. From a long distance shot there was the blood spattered water washing over the dead soldiers then there is a close up of all of the soldier's boots. Lastly there is a long shot of the beach then the camera pans towards the left and slowly zooms into backpack which said" Ryan". The waves sound turn to calm after the blitz and chaos. For the audience the peace will be freedom from the noise of the battle. I think the opening sequence prepared the audience for what followed well because when they were sitting in the boat ready to shoot the Germans there was the background music which was peaceful. I did find the opening battle scene realistic and shocking because there were loads of people being killed and there was arms being blown of by the bombs and there were the handheld cameras which made it more realistic. I liked the film saving Private Ryan because it was realistic and because it was interesting. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rakesh.Khuttan 1 ...read more.

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