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Saving Private Ryan.

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Saving Private Ryan Saving private Ryan is a film based on the horrific mission of a group of soldiers who risk live and death to save one man private James Ryan. The film begins on D-day when Private James Ryan now an old war veteran visits the war memorial of his hero and the main character in the play Captain John Miller who is played by Tom Hanks. The old war veteran Whilst paying his respects breaks down into a flashback and find himself going back to June 6th, 1944, when Military forces converged on the beaches of Normandy for one of the most decisive battles of World War Two. America would call this a victory. History would call it D-Day. But for Captain Miller and his squad of young soldiers, the day after the landing on Omaha Beach would change all of their lives. They would get a special order from Washington ordering them to go on a personnel mission to save one life, One soldier who tragically lost three of his brothers in combat. ...read more.


He was told of the Private Ryan that died at the Omaha beach invasion. He was also told of the other two Ryan boys from Iowa that had already died in the war. He wasn't really sure why he was being told this. Then the worst part came. He was ordered to try to find the one remaining Ryan brother. No one was sure where he was or if he was even alive. He was told of an earlier incident where three brothers from Iowa had all been killed in the war and the mother was left alone. The United States army was now ready to risk the lived of Captain Miller and seven of his men to try and save this one man just so his mother wouldn't have to lose her only remaining son. To Captain Miller this seemed a little extreme. Think of our mothers thought Miller and his men. They had no choice though, they were under orders. ...read more.


They managed to hold off the German advances until help arrived. They again lost many men in this effort but Private Ryan survived. Captain Miller has reached his goal and Ryan would make it home. I thought this film was very intresting and well acted out. I thought it made a very good point about some of the difficult decisions facing the men in the middle of a hostile environment in another country and the bravery shown by many men in the heat of battle. I can't say if I was placed in the same position if I would be able to do the same thing as some of those men. To risk the lives of several men to save the life of one is a very difficult decision to make. Especially when no one even knew if Private Ryan had even made it off the beach alive or if he was killed in battle. I believe that if I were one of the men with the mission of saving one man just because his the U.S. Army didn't want to tell his mother, I would have a serious problem with obeying those orders. Daniel Welka ...read more.

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