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saving private ryan

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In the transition from present to past there was a close up on the American flag, there was a France flag which represented the two countries. James Ryan started to walk towards the graveyard of all of the soldiers and while he is doing this there is honourable, slow music in the background. He reaches a grave and kneels down to that grave and he cries the sound made there was a sobbing sound. There is an extreme close up (so you know what he's seeing in his head) ...read more.


The camera movement would be panning because john looks around at the other soldiers face. As soon as the ramp opens the instant chaos begins before they have a chance of doing anything. Those that had a chance of staying alive at that point had to jump out of the boat into the water. The camera also went into the water and showed most of the people in the water getting shot or drowning in the water. From the Americans perspective changes to the Germans perspective to let the audience know that they are bigger than the Americans. ...read more.


In the film there was a change in colour it changes from a normal picture to a slow desaturated colour. The sound effects went dim this time because there was a loud bomb that went of next to john and he went deaf for a little while and after that sound affect that was going on was a deep sound of rushing air. Mike Horvath makes a comment in the film he says" it's like a goddamn firing squad ".the effect of this was to make the audience aware of acute danger. The camerawork of Jackson running down ...read more.

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